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shawn c
How do i order hydrocodone without going directly to jail and without script?

the crusader
Not possible. Better be careful because the FEDs are cracking down on this kind of stuff. Just get a prescription. I'm going to assume you're in pain, right? If your doctor won't give you a script, see another doctor. Get it?

You don't, and if you try you may end up in the morgue instead of jail anyway.....


I know of a man who went to the street for his non-prescription meds. He got hold of some bad meds, that were contaminated with the wrong stuff, and ended up dead. It happens more than you think. It's becoming a terrible problem, and not worth the risk!

If you truly need them, get them the right way, with a prescription from your doc. Otherwise, don't mess with them.

Don't do it Class IV's will get you sent to jail unless you have a legal script from a doctor. I know someone who forged a script for 90 Demerol and is spending 4 years in Terre Haute for it.

You are being very, very stupid. Many of the places on the internet advertising it will simply rip you off, since they are out of the country. The post office is watching for packages of drugs coming in and you will be arrested when you receive it, and finally this stuff is highly addictive and will cause you big, big problems. You will not have a successful life if you are fooling with that stuff. Don't be a loser.

Kent in SD

Hydrocodone is a controlled substance (Class III). You cannot order it without a prescription legally.

Jim DeSantis
Really, Shawn, do you think anyone, if they knew, would tell you that here in an open forum?

Be careful that your question alone doesn't get you into trouble.

Jim DeSantis

Don't try it - you WILL go to jail.

A lady
The feds took down most of those ilegal businesses, if you need a medication now they have sites in which you will get a real consultation by a US doctor and they will send you the medication. Not very cheap and they do not take insurance. Make sure it is a US site and not overseas as you will never see your money or the medication.

You go to your Dr. and tell him you need the medication. Everyone else here has told you the dangers of doing anything else. In addition, it sounds like you may have an addiction problem. GET HELP.

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