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 Does anybody know how to get rid of a tension headache?
Last week i pulled my neck and ever since ive been in so much pain havent been able to sleep and ive got a megga tension headache, doesnt matter what i take it wont go away!!!!...

 My friend just took 6 advil, will she be okay?

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she was being overly dramatic, i dont think she understood what she was doing cuz she is freaking out about it now. its ridiculous shes acting like a young teenager ...

 Ouch i'm in severe pain!! (help!!)
so today we went shopping and i don't exercise much so my legs hurt really bad!! idk if it means i'm growing or todays long walk!!?? how to heal the pain? besides pain killers because i ...

 Pins & needles for 10 days?
i have had pins & needles in my left hand little finger and the one next to it, and slightly down that side of my hand for 10 days now, it started when i spent alot of time on my computer (i am ...

 Why am i getting sore muscles every time i work out
I go to the Gym and i workout and the next day I feel like if i got punched in the 200 times my muscles are so sore i cant even do a 20 push ups its killing me is there any way i cant prevent that ...

 Why do i have a painful back?
for a few days now i've had a horribly painful back and it hurts when i move too, the kinda pain u cant handle. its my lower back.
what have i done?...

 PLEASE HELP!!! Do you think it is a vein or what??? It is growing more. MY daughter is only 20 months old?
In the back of my daughters neck on the left side, she has a round knot feeling thing on the back of her neck. It has grown some in the past week. It is really worring me! Could it be a bulging neck ...

 I have a headache it been going on 4 a long long time why?
i'm only 13 and i have a headache tell someone tell me y and what should i do plz.it hurts bad that i ...

 Sometimes when I run I have like a sharp pain in my chest, and I'm only 15...so should I be concerned?

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I don't want to just stop running because I'm In track and I pole vault...so I'm a sprinter which means short distances for me...so I can get this pain ...

 How can I get rid of nose pain from snorting pain pills?

 Sore Throat?!?!?
I'm having really bad pains in my throat especially when I swallow, it's been like this for 2-3 days now. The other thing that's weird is that i'm feeling so much pain in my hands,...

 Why won't my doctor prescribe more oxycodone for legitimate pain?
I broke my tailbone during labor and am in constant pain. I take at the most 2/day and now have run out. The pain can be unbearable. I don't know what to ...

 Chest pains, i need an advice..?
I started having chest pains when I was about 20. Im 26 now and it recurrs sometimes. Its tolerable; I usually feel it in the middle of my chest to the left. It added pain when im leaning and ...

 TATTOO!! just how much does it hurt?
I really really want a small pink bow on the bottom of my back or the back of my neck! How much will it hurt? Im not the best person in the world with pain but a few people have told me its more of ...

 Stomach Pains?
Everytime I go down to my cousins house I get severe stomach pains. I'm not homesick because I don't ever want to go home. What is wrong with me? I can't go see a doctor because it ...

 Really embarassing question.?

I have a really embarrassing question and have no where else to turn. I am an 18 year old male, and for a while now, I've been experiencing pain on the right side of my anal area, ...

 Can you get addicted?
to Percocet if you take it sometimes for a couple days then stop it for a couple weeks then go back on it again?...

 Does any1 know the cause of an intermittent sharp pain in the left lower side of my abdomen?

 Would this kill me?
Taking 20 excedrin and half a bottle of night time cold medicine?
Additional Details
I dont care about getting attention online. that is dumb. I tried googling for information and ...

 Unbearable pain in my kidney.?
Do you know what it is? I cant stand up, I cant sit down, Iam hurting so much, and I cant take anything bc Iam pregnant. Please tell me bc I am seriously considering going to the emergency room....

adaokman a
How do i get narcotics from my dr?

working man
It's very difficult. The DEA is all over Dr.'s writing scripts for narcs. You can try just asking for a very small amount 4-6 pills for some "pain" in your lower back, neck (hint hint.) Unless you are a movie star or rock star, it's very hard to get good prescription drugs.

They are cheaper and easier to get if you go to your drug dealer. Or you can get your teeth pulled at the dentist, and you will get a bottle of painkillers. These methods are both easier than getting pills from your doctor.

Why do you want narcotics? They mess up your mind. Go find something better to do.

Complain of insane headaches, or stomach pains, or you dont have an appetite to eat... Or just find a stupid dr in South Central ;)

Pirate Girls Kick Butt!
Look up the drugs your looking for, find out what they are prescribed for, and complain of those things. But are you sure they wouldn't be cheaper buying them off the street? Most real good prescribed narcotics are still very expensive unless you've got a real good insurance plan.

I work for a pain management/ spinal surgery office. We give pt's narcotics all the time. The doctors arent dumb. The DEA keeps track of all medications that a individual uses. At our office you have to sign a contract and theres serious trouble if the dr finds out and they 98% of the time do find out if theres a problem pt.

Yeah, right!

get sick with the right kind of disease then ask

just go to your Dr. and ask for some with a straight face.

You have a valid medical condition that calls for them. If you are hooked, and just "need some" tell him that too! He may be willing to help you wean, or point you in the right direction.

u should not get narcotics unless u need it. There is a reason why some drugs are not available over the counter.

if you have a legitimate disease, the docs would give it to you..by law they have to relieve your pain.

It sounds like your dr is uncomfortable with giving out narcotic pain meds so I would recommend getting in touch with a Pain Management specialist to have them evaluate what they can do to help you out with your pain: narcotics being one of them.

Has your dr said why he won't give you narcotics? Was curious to know what kind of pain condition you have.

Also, when used for real pain they will not mess up one's mind (wanted to mention that in case you were wondering about what one of the other posters said).

To learn more about issues regarding chronic pain pls check out: http://www.painfoundation.org

The only way to get narcotics from a legitimate doctor is if you are having legitimate pain.

The DEA doesn't keep track of your narcotic usage as a patient, but local pharmacies do and will refer back to the doctors if they have a file on you for getting narcotics from different doctors frequently.

The DEA keeps track of the narcotics a doctor prescribes and if they think a doctor writes more prescriptions for narcotics than they should, they will check into the doctors records to make sure he/she is not an enabler.

if whatever pain you are having is real the doc would write a script with no prompting from you...if you are just trying to get drugs from the man/woman and saying stupid things then they won't help you...every script the doc writes for narcotics is reported to the DEA and no doc is gonna risk their license for someone who just wants to get high

narcotics should only be used if the situation warrants it. Stay away from it if you can.

Stephanie f

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