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everytime i yawn my throat pains.

everytime i swallow my throat pains.

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they would be taken on an empty stomach, as well....

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I am experiencing blurry vision and TERRIBLE headaches...feels like someone has stabbed me in the brain (graphic, but true)...

Im afraid that i may ...

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How do I unstuff my ears??
About a year ago I had an ear infection in each ear. I took at the medication prescribed to me.Then after that my ears were all stuffed up but I didn't do much about it. I've blamed it on allergies or sinus' but this whole year my ears have been STUFFED up! Its awful. And its beginning to make me natious and totally uncomfortable ALL the time. I need to unstuff then, does anyone know of anything to do besides the obvious that hasn't worked so far. This is an EXTREME case.

You really should go to the doctor. If the condition is making you nauseous, that's a sign it's starting to affect your inner ear. That is where your bodies balance system lies. You don't want to take a chance.

Hold your nose and your mouth shut - now with both shut try blowing - its called poping your ears - if this dosen't work see a doctor -- you may have to do this a few times

Im interested to know the answer...

See a specialist doctor.!!!

If you are getting nauseous from this, it is a serious problem. I have ear pressure with loss of balance from allergies. Never a queasy stomach though. Go to another doctor.

the medicene didnt work, might wanna try Putting some colidal silver in your ears, you can make it very cheap your self but if u buy it from the store its very expensive

I have this problem too, and I have found that Mentholatum rub works good. Not inside the ear, it could burn the eardrum itself. I rub it in the little indentions just in front of the earlobe, and behind the earlobe and down the neck where the little tube runs from your ears to the back of your throat. A warm dry washcloth laid on top of this will make it work faster. I do this at night, and after 2 or 3 nights of doing this, my ears usually unstuff. If I don't do this I can go 3 or 4 months without being able to hear very well.

Good luck!

Pull the cotton out!

You need to go to your doctor immediately and get a referral to a doctor who specialises in ears. You may have scarring or you may have another infection or you may have ears blocked with wax and they may need to be syringed professionally
What ever it is you need to have it checked out

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