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 Pls need urgent ans?
am having deep face pain and very tiered most times, plus neck stiffness and headaches... pls ...

 Tylenol okay while sleeping?
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 Other than pregnancy.. what is the most painful thing you had happen to you?
I fractured my ankle one time playing bball.. I have to say out of all the injuries I have had that is the most painful. thats out of
dislocated shoulder.. fractured clavicle.. broken fingers.....

 I have been having chest pains lately. I also am 21, weigh 310, and am 6'1". What can be causing this?

 How can I get over being afraid of needles????
Im going for a physical and they will take my blood!!...

 Sore wrist?
My daughter(11) has had a sore wrist for about 2 months now. Her peditriction sent her for blood work and an x-ray. The wrist showed something unusal in the joint not a break but a space or ...

 Should pain from a sprained ankle return often within 4 years??
ok, I should explain. 4 years ago, I fell down some stairs before a night out - it hurt a little, but I thought it was ok, so put on my boots and went out. The next morning it hurt LIKE HELL, and I ...

How do I make my legs stop hurting?
I went running yesterday and I haven't done so much exercise in a long time.
When I woke up this morning, my legs feel really stiff, and whenever I move them, they ache right at the top.
I know this is just because my body isn't used to the strain of exercise but is there anything I can do to ease this pain?

start the water to your favorite teprature and pour in a little epsom salt ;)

heat- not ice, no matter what anyone tells ya, ice donesn't work, ice stiffens ur muscles, so get a hot water bottle, and when your ready do gentle strectches.

Sarah V
You could always try a massage. Pain killers usually don't help for muscle pain but i still wouldn't recommend them.
If the massage doesn't help you could still try some exercises (like walking) to warm up your muscles. Otherwise you'll just have to wait till tomorrow. Muscle ache is the worst the day after but the third day, it gets better.

soak in a tub of hot water with epsom salt

A hot bath to get the blood circulation going and then I am afraid you have to ride with it, no pain no gain. It should ease of in a couple of days, but don't stop carry on with the excercise and it will soon go and you will be thinking what the fuss was all about.

I know this may sound a bit stupid, but the best thing to do is to keep moving as much as you can. That way your legs will become less stiff.

Take some ibuprofen (be sure to check the bottle and don't take more than recommended for your age). Take a warm bath. When you get out of the bath do some very slow and light stretches of your legs. Then go for a walk. The most important thing is to get up and get moving but be sure it's light movements. Sitting still, although it will make your legs hurt less it will make your legs stiff.

hot bath, and soak them, also a little ibuprofen like 200 mg wouldn't hurt, try that and you'll feel better. God Bless ya

The hot bath with some epsom salt is a great idea. After your bath when your muscles are warm it would also be a good idea to stretch. As painful as it may sound, it actually helps. Take some deep breaths while holding the leg stretches.

Bronzewing Street

And lots of it.

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