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 Why is my face numb?

 Are anti-inflammatory tablets the same as ibuprofen?

 Headache and migraine?
hi all diet
has anybody try taking foods out of there diet
which foods?
for how long.
i'm waking up with pains in my head!!
i thought about try taking foods out of my ...

 Should I ask Doctor to change my pain meds?
Doctor has me on morphine 15mg twice daily for bad bursitis and teeth pain (about to get all extracted). I know that morphine is one of the strongest out there, but it doesnt seem to work. If I asked ...

 My wife and I have recently been getting head aches when we are at home. This doesn't happen at work.?
Our house is all electric, so there isn't any gas. From my understanding Radon doesn't cause head aches. Is there anything in our house that could cause this? Could it be the heating system?...

 I have a dull aching pain in between my breast almost constantly any ideas?

 Why do I keep getting heartburn?
I keep getting a burning sensation in the back of my throat. It is really annoying and doesn't seem to be being triggered by food. I haven't eaten yet today and I still seem to have ...

 Why does my knee joints hurt after a good jog?
How can I prevent it?...

 I get pain over both my shin when I walk a while or run.Much much before my calf aches.What could be reason?

Additional Details
I am 38 ...

 Please help my cat accidentally chewed on a20 mg adderoll!!!?
i have two cats and im not sure which on e did it, both poison control and my vet said to wait and see if they start to act erraticly. They did not ingest the entire capsule and many of the beads ...

 Does anyone have any idea why I wake up sore?
For the last few weeks I have been waking up with sore shoulders, wrists, elbows and hips. I'm not sure if it is my bed or if it is a medical issue. does anyone have any idea as to what it might ...

 Is anyone else out there scared of the MRI?
I hate it. I have had an MRI of by brain (for migraines), my spine (for my ruptured disc) and now my leg. I hate this machine. It seems it is the only thing they send me to. It scares me to death!...

 I think i have something wrong with my knees?
ok i am 14 ande very time i go to sit down on the floor my knees crack and when that happend eveyone sayd doesnt that hurt an di say no it doesnt oh yeah my aunt had a bad knees problem is that wht i ...

 Sore throat question..?
I ws sick about two weeks ago. Sore throat and headache with bad congestion. I'm still a little congested and cough up phlem a lot. Yesterday I noticed my throat was getting sore again. I ...

 I have severe knee ache .help?
i m 13 yrs old,in shape ,5'3".i have severe knee ache mostly in my right kne but sometimes also my left.i have had it for over a year now.pls dont tell me to go to a doctor or some crap ...

 Why do my legs hurt?
Two days ago and yesturday i was doing excersises like lunges, and push ups and now my lehs really hurt. I have some excess fat on them and it hurts whenever I walk. What the heck is going on???...

 Xanax, vicadin or Ambien?
I recently sprained my ankle and was prescribed vicodin for the pain at night (My entire leg cramps from the hip down and I get a constant numbing pain from the discomfort). The trauma also brought ...

 What are the symptoms of a migraine..?
i think i could be having them.. not sure what the symptoms are though..cos i never usually get them..can anyone help me..can they cause mental confusion..? ...

 How do you know if you have a high or low pain tolorance?

Additional Details
I'm asking this question because I get migraines so bad sometimes that I pass out or throw up, I guess from pain. Are they really that painful or is my tolorance ...

 Why does one get a charlie horse in the leg and what can you do about it??

His submissive wifey
How can i ease the pain of my sore rear after a spanking?

If it left marks or bruises on you, go to the police, or call them.

mikeal h
You can give whoever spanked you a spanking..

Just ME!!;)
Arnica !

It's a miracle cream ;)

A spanking is supposed to HURT, while the hairbrush or belt is whacking your backside.

Afterwards, if your backside feels like it is still "on fire" ... one guy recommended laying on your bed, bare butt up, and a fan blowing on it -- and try reading a book or something; anything to get your mind off your butt.

How sore is your "rear"? Are you able to sit to eat supper? If so, you just got a serious spanking. Learn from it.
Someone else has suggested having a shower, a cool shower.
But if you deserved the spanking, then learn from the discomfort. As has been said, time heals all wounds, and wounds all heels. Maybe you needed to be "wounded". And likely time will ease the "pain".

Dottie suggests "sit in a cold tub of water".
Or, perhaps, sit in a tub of cold water?

Ryan C
Sit on a donut, or apply a cold compress.

Don't do what you did to get the spanking in the first place.....but in reality you shouldnt have long term soreness. You mom must have spanked a little too hard.

Nicole n
it's a spanking, you're butt is supposed to hurt. Stop screwing around and getting yourself spanked.

You probably got it for a reason.

But if it's that bad, try some soothing cream or just sit on a nice cushion?

Not to receive it in the first place

sit in a cold tub of water

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