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How can I break my own wrist?
The problem is I fractured something in my wrist, but nothing serrious enough, that the medical insurance would pay for fixing, so I kinda have to break it completely to get it fixed. I'm not crazy, I hurts so bad already, I really need to get it fixed. And please give me the way with the least amount of pain.

Hoptoad City
you must be living in Canada. Thats universal healthcare for ya!

YAH CRAZY your trying to swindle the medical world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Tennessee Fisherman
Jump and stump it in the ground...the paint travels through your arm and is not focused on one area

Umm well I hear you could break your wrist punching a punching bag without the gloves etc in a bad angle? (like you throw a punch and it does not go straight but slanted into the bag and your wrist breaks...)

Not sure....

Kim k
This isn't making a lot of sense to me. Do you have a greenstick fracture or what? Greenstick fractures are not set not because of insurance but because they don't require treatment. If your ortho felt you had a fracture that would benefit from treatment he would be on the phone to the insurance company demanding on your behalf.
If it hurts so badly that you think a larger, treatable fracture will be less painful you're wrong. They will treat it, give you pain meds and it will still hurt worse than it does now.
If the pain is so bad that you think this is the solution you should see another doctor. A small, untreatable fracture shouldn't be this painful, the nerves may be involved.

It's called a hammer. Close your eyes and have a friend do it. Not too hard though because you don't want to shatter it.

Craig S
well, i dont know how to do ut with not that much pain...but either have someone hit it hard with a sledge hammer, try and fall of something of some height and use the wrist to break the fall, or lol, run it over with a car

my friend had to do the same thing... he just let himself fall off of the forclift at work to get it hurt worse so that his job would pay for it. gotta do what you gotta do. im sure you have a friend out there who will help you break a bone.. guys are into that wierd ****.

mark a
I dont really know an easy way to do it with little pain, I suggest a large amount of your favourite spirit when you do it though to take the edge off it. could get a friend to hit it with something but then with that kind if damage you might end up having to get the police involved to make the claim and then youre getting into a very difficult area

♥ Meg ♥
jump off a cliff?

If you actually broke something in your wrist, the insurance would pay to have it fixed. You probably have a stress fracture, which is a tiny, tiny hairline fracture so small that often, they cannot be seen on x-rays. In that case, stop being a baby, because they are not that bad. If you are already complaining from this amount of pain it is very, very unlikely that you would be able to break your own wrist, because you would pass out or give up before you got the job done. In addition, it is a stupid idea. You simply don't injure yourself to make problems worse because your doctor told you something wasn't a substantial injury.

Foxy Lil' Mama! =).
Well..... ok if you really wanna know.:

Maybe put down some soap and water like anywhere maybe even outside on some mats and then go sliding then proposely slip and land on your wrist while sliding or sliding down a hill. If it hurts to much then see if it's broken or you can also numb it if you have stuff to numb it with.

If you do have stuff to numb it with then you can do something more.... extreme.

Maybe falling down the stairs or steps although that'll hurt the rest of you, but you can put padding on, but not your wrist, although if people are there they'll probably think your crazy, but still.

Maybe punch a wall as hard a syou can if your up to that.

Make a plan of something, like maybe have someone else that don't mind putting you through some pain run over your wrist with a bike or something else while your just laying in the grass and it looks like your just relaxing.

P.S.: Getting your wrist broken hurts alot more I'd think.

Try to do whatever you can think of as long as it don't kill you or hurt the rest of you or cause you to loss a part of your body.

I wouldn't wanna try to break/hurt anything of my body though.

holisterxox<3 bettys<3
ok thats scary

Have someone who weighs more than you fall your on wrist as you lay on the ground. This happened to me on accident and it broke...

ps-make sure you have a way to get to the doctors/er!!

don't do that - that's silly

appeal the decision by your insurance company. get a second and third opinion from doctors saying that it is medically necessary.

golden rider
Don't do something stupid man. If you break your wrist, you may do a better job on it than you want to and end up with a messed up arm for life. Just live with it. It will hurt for a while, but will heal up and you will be glad you didn't break it, trust me.

that is a really silly idea, it will be soooo painful. Couldn't someone lend you the money? That's what's wrong with the USA, here in the UK we have the NHS, and yeah it's not always great but we would never be refused treatment even a small fracture, and we don't pay for it directly, but through taxes.

If you have to why not throw yourself off a bike or something and try to land awkwardly on your wrist, I dunno.

Go get it fixed and just pay the damn bill and be done with it.

A fracture is a break and is just as serious as a complete break. Have you gone to the doctor to get help for you wrist? I have a hard time believe that a fracture of any kind is not covered under your insurance.

I would suggest NOT trying to break your wrist completely.

I don't think that there is any easy way to break any bone in your body... and it will hurt very much no matter what way you do it... There has to be some way that they will look after it for you. Sounds kind of ridiculous that is it isn't broken enough. Is there anyone else you can go to for a 2nd opinion. You may do more harm then you think by trying something like this yourself.

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