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Rachel The Hippie
Horrible stomach pain, nausea and chills, what could it be?
Last night about 5-10 minutes after I took my usual birth control and eating a frozen dinner I was laying down I got a horrible sick feeling, like I wanted to vomit and after 10 minutes of that my stomach felt horrible like the acid was trying to eat through the walls (only way I know to describe it, wasn't indigestion or heartburn though) it hurt soooo bad I just wanted to lay there and pant with my eyes open otherwise I got dizzy, I was snug under my covers but I still got chills and goosebumps up and down my body. I managed to fall asleep after 20 minutes but it woke me up a few times during the night. I hope I'm ok. I've felt sick ever since.
Additional Details
I like how the first sentence is I took my usual birth control and all of you are saying pregnant! lol.

Get to a doctor, NOW! If you're still feeling sick tomorrow, get either to an ER or your doctor because this could be serious. I might just be a simple stomach/flu virus, but if you're panting, feeling dizzy and nauseous, it could be something more.


Might be pregnant, the flu..or a side effect with you birth control pill..I would tell your doctor..just incase it isn't something serious!


taylor p
Pregnant( oh well)

Call the doctor. Your hospital probably has a patient advisory nurse that you could talk to that could provide you with information about home treatment and will let you know if you need to come in. Don't mess around and wait too long though, if you have appenticitis, meningitis or something bad, you need treatment right away.

desrene g
I suggest you visit your doctore right away.

Stomach flu or food poisening.*

The Wizard.
Food poisoning perhaps, or a bout of Gastro Enteritis.Don't eat for 24 hours, and drink plenty of boiled water, or tea. Then take it easy, and watch what your eating.

Taryn T
go to the docs

The Don
possibel food posioning, or your coming down with the flu, check the expiration date on the frozen diner, try to take some peopto-bysmol, it always helps with nausia, harburn, indejestion, upset stomach, dirrehia, Yay Pepto Bysmol!

you might have food poisoning...
did it feel like you were going to throw up?
if so it could be the flu.
you usually get the chills when you have the flu.
you should probably go to the doctor or call a healthcare line, tell them your symptoms, and see what they can do for you.


It could have been food poisoning. You say you got sick after eating. If it was, it will pass through your body within 24 hours. If you get worse or it does not go away, then you need to see your doctor.

Fever and stomach flu. The worst!

Could be that you are pregnant but such an instant reaction after you ate might suggest that it was a bit of food poisoning. The symptoms that you describe are very common with food poisoning. Take you B.C pill next time with some simple food, and see how you feel. But just to be safe, first go get a Pregnancy test at the drug store.

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