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Help!!! I think my appendix bust?
Theres a serious pain under my bellybutton and it's been there for two days. I also don't fell so good. Please can you tell me if my appendix is bursting or has burst. Or just tell me what im experiancing

Right lower abdominal pain. (rebound tenderness) If you should press on the abdomen in that area and remove your hand....and the pain is worse when you remove the pressure that you are applying wiyh your hand, and possibly fever.

Nevertheless check with your primary care provider as soon as possible.

symptoms of appendicitus:
-pain in abdomen
-lack of appetite

you can also check webmd.com

just go to the hospital!

If the pain is more to the right side of your abdomen, then you seriously need to get to the hospital emergency room. Also, if you are not able to stand up at a normal pace and not feel pain, you need to see a doctor. However, if this is not the problem you are having, then you may have something else going on. So what I am really trying to say is: Please get yourself to the doctor.

Good luck,
P. Evelyn P.

An inflamed appendix causes pain at McBurney's point, an area just below and to the right of your belly button. If you press on that area and it hurts, you might indeed have appendicitis. You need to see a doctor for this. They need to do a blood test to see if your white count is high, and maybe a CAT scan. You will get very sick indeed if it ruptures, with nausea and vomiting. Go and get checked asap.

Go see a doctor. If you wait too long you will die from it if it is a ruptured appendix.

hey, whats good
sorry but you have to go to the doctor

Todd S
I agree, go to the doctor!

randy moss

If your appendix had 'burst' - you would be dead as this small organ contains toxins when it bursts. Go to a Doctor and explain the pain to a professional. Don't think Y/A is the right source for answers for your current problem.

Janey Canuck
The appendix is off to the right for a bit and if it bursts it can kill you, so that's probably not it (but I'm not a doctor). What it might be is your kidney. A few years back, I had a similar issue - it got to the point I couldn't walk and they tested for appendicitis but it turned out to be a kidney infection. Hurt like something that hurts a LOT but easily fixed with two weeks of medication.

Whatever it is, you should get yourself to a doctor ASAP

If it had burst you wouldn't be able to type of the computer. However you might want to go to the ER if you are experiencing severe abdominal pain. You can also check www.webmd.com for some advice.

Get off the internet and get to Urgent Care or the Hospital Emergency room....... NOW

doctor damned fast

I am not sure, but if you are feeling nauseous and start running a fever then you definitely need to be looked at for appendicitis.

sorry but seriously if you think its bad call the doctor or something

Your appendix is lower and to your right side. You should go to the doctor to find out what is causing your pain. But it could still be your appendix. When mine burst it hurt up higher, and I felt lousy.

okay well you should problem go to the ER and tell them the pain where its at who long the pain has been there and don't, try to pick up heavy things,just try and relax.I'm going to be an RN so i thought that i would try and help you. if you have any more questions than gust ask me okay.i hope that you get to feeling better

I doubt your appendix has ruptured but you should go to a dr. or emergency room about your stomach pain. usually when an appendix ruptures the tummy ache goes away temporarily until you develop a severe infection.This is not something to fool around with.get yourself checked.

I think your appendix is closer to your hip bone - like where your pinky finger hit if you put your thumb behind your waist. I think if your appendix had burst, you'd be dead.

At a minimum, call your doctor or an urgent care facility and speak to an advice nurse.

Charles B
Dude, you seriously need to go to a doctor.

♥Shortstuff ♥
See your doctor right away or go to the ER now!!!! Usually when it's appendicitis, the pain is located in the lower right groin area. If you push your hand down on that spot, & lift your hand real quick, & experience terrible pain, it's your appendix. Seek medical help because a ruptured appendix means trouble.

Big B
get to a hospital you would be dead if it had burst. but it may be close so don't wait!!!GO!!

Call for help, life from parents, friends, relatives.
Call 911.

Cato Bo Bato
You do rrealise that if your appendix do burst you are at serious risk of death... Go to the dr..


tree dancer
you may have pulled a muscle, or have a hernia. Go to the DR.

if it had infact ruptured 2 days ago, you would not be alive to ask the question, you would be septic. Appendix starts around the belly button but moves the lower right side.
I cannot tell you what you are experiencing as I cannot see you, a few simple tests you can do at home to see for yourself the probability.....jump up and down, can you do it? if you can its probably not your appendix....next push slightly at the sore area, the let go really quickly....whats it feel like, if its your appendix that would send you through the roof in pain.
I am not a dr only someone who has been thru a ruptured appendix, but I will advise you to seek out medical care .

Marie N
I don't know but go to a doctor now!

Go to the doctor!

dont search for answers here


i dont think too many doctors go online to answer serious questions like that
or we know better


And you've wisely came to Yahoo answers. Moron

Computer Guy
Go the the emergency room. A bust appendix has lots of possible complications, some very serious.

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