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Hot Pink - yummy mummy to be
Have you had a general anaesthetic before?
i havent myself, but i may need to have an operation, however i have a fear of general anaesthetics as i have heard a few bad stories and i fear the worst. what are your feelings?

There really isn't anything to worry about nowadays!
Just try and relax, because the worst part about it is the worry!

They're much safer nowadays. Last time I had it done I woke in a great mood. You don't remember the surgery and it's all over in half a second. Just make sure you don't eat or drink anything beforehand (they'll give you instructions), and make sure you get something in your stomach afterward and take it VERY easy. Always eat something when you take pain medication, because the meds can make you queasy. I wouldn't worry about the anesthesia.

honest dont worry ive had six anaesthetics and ive never had a problem you will feel tired for a while and will feel a little sick but it is best you have it done for your health to get better hope it goes well

I recently had an operation and I was scared about the general anesthetic too. I decided... what was more important, having the operation and living my life the way that I wanted... or not. you know? And for the most part, a lot of complications that are told of G.A. are from the past and they have since come a long way in medicine. Just be sure that the person is certified.

Angela M
Yes, I have had four over the years and it's a great feeling when you are just drifting off. Don't worry about it, they are perfectly safe, good luck.

Mazza Mon
I had one not long ago and I was told by my anaesthetist to think of something good or funny as i went under and ended up laughing going into the anaesethic and laughing coming out.
As I recovered and was tucking into my tea and toast all the other patients were chucking up and feeling bad and had been really worried going into their op's!
So think of something nice or special and you'll be fine.

you should be fine!! i had a general anaesthetic a couple of times! the last one being last year when i went into hospital to get sterilised! apart from the needle going into your hand - which was very quick i had a very good operation! i am needle phobic and told the surgeon my fears and both the surgeon and staff were brilliant in helping me relax - we ended up talking about vodka!!!! once they give you the anaesthetic the effects are very quick!!! depending on the type of operation you are having the pain afterwards varies! for my op i was told to take paracetamol & codine (not at the same time)!!!
you should talk to doctor / nurse about any fears you have but when it comes to the op the anaestatist (cant spell its 1.30am) should go into the procedure more and be able to discuss everything with you! all risks regarding your op should be discussed beforehand anyway so you dont go in to the op completely unsure of anything!!

sorry about the essay!!!

Think of it this way. Have a general anaesthetic and you be completely out of it, or have a local anaesthetic and freak yourself out by watching the operation taking place.

By the way, I've had general anaesthetic twice before and I've been fine.

I did when I was eight. it was a great hit better than any other substance I have taken.

Millions of surgical procedures take place every year in the UK. Only a very few go wrong because of anaesthesia.

Who told you those bad stories??? You just go to sleep after an anesthetic and wake up feeling a bit sick in the stomach, and the problem solved. I had many procedures done and no problem.

Good Luck.

dee dee
going under nowadays is so different, very rarely do you feel sick as years ago, or even groggy, i had an op a few months ago and felt fine when i woke up, wanted to nap later but really you have nothing to worry about, the good thing is you dont dream, when you wake up you think well have i been asleep or not, is it over....good luck

I've had them before. I like the feeling of just going under. I often wonder if thats what drug users call a high
Think about how many GA's are done every day in this country.
They are very safe now.
Go for your op and relax

Don't worry about it,they know what they re ding you Will be in safe hand,good luck

There are bad stories about everything. You might want to look at statistics of how many people go under general's and are fine instead of looking at how many people are not fine.

Just relax and let the doctors do what they are best at.

better off having it than not pink....think of the pain your gonna suffer if you dont have the op.

had 7 ops under gen myself and had no problems at all...ok so your a little groggy when u 1st come round but hey its just like a hangover lol...
Im sure there are more bad stories of people not having ops and not living to wish they had..

be brave.

I have had several general anesthetic procedures, and never had any problems. I have worked with or around anesthetics in the operating theatres for decades. That being said, I will also say I have had spinal, regional and local anesthesia for procedures also.

I would always chose the least anesthesia possible, it is safest. But if you need an operation and it requires a general anesthetic, I would not be overly concerned about the anesthesia.

Most bad stories are just that, stories. I have personally been involved with over 40,000 operative procedures, and while there have been some problems on rare occasion with some patients, none stand out because of the anesthesia.

It is the best sleep you never remember. I have been under general anesthesia 3 times. Twice as an adult. If you have worries they will give you something in your Iv to calm your nerves. You will be high as a kite. By the time they roll you into the operating room you may be asleep.

I have a high medicine tolerance so I remember having to move over to the operating table. That is the last thing I remember. I dont remember the gas or counting backwards or even if I did. I doubt it.

The stuff is that good. I am sure you will do fine. Just don't eat or drink anything after midnight before the surgery. That is where the horror stories come from.

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