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Everytime I eat food my chest hurts?
When I eat food like pizza or something else heavy when I swallow my food it stops at my chest and sits there for like 2 minutes having me to sit still or stop swallowing until it goes down and I can feel it in my chest and when I move I can feel it and various times I throw up. Can anyone please tell me what this is.

Miz Thang
you could be heartburn or your eating too fast.

its indegestion. take some pepto

It's called a stricture. It's an area in the esophagus that is tight. It is a side effect of GERD. It is mainly when you try to swallow things like breads right? Get to a gastroentetologist. The Gerd needs to be treated. They will do a scope and stretch the stricture. Also, GERD can lead to Barretts esophagitis. That is a pre-cancerous condition. Get the treatment. It does help. The scope is a piece of cake. You go night night and they fix it.

that happens to me whenever I take really big bites out of food. try taking smaller bites. and drinking something if you feel like it's stuck in your chest to push it down. that used to happen to me all the time.

If this is happening when you are eating and not afterward, it is not acid reflux or indigestion.

You need to get to the doctor and get it checked out, and see is there is some blockage in there, and if there is how to remove it.

You might have a problem in your esophagus - like a hiatus hernia. You should see a doctor.

In the meantime, take little bites, chew them well, and don't wash your food down with a drink.

It sounds like a classic case of GERD...gastro intestinal reflux disease.

You will need to see a doctor for evaluation and treatment. There are medications available to relieve the pain and the other symptoms.

Good luck.


It sounds like something called acid reflux... But never take this lightly, go see your doctor asap....

It's heartburn, take some Tums and go to a doctor.

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