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Does using the computer give you a headache?

those that really matter to you!
no.does it happend to you?

Rachel S
no way- I love my computer

heather b
Yes you can get headaches from using the computer. It can depend on how flat your computer screen is to the refresh capabilities of your graphics card and monitor.

how flat is your monitor screen? Any curve at all makes viewing online information more difficult, no matter what size of the monitor or the resolution settings. The flatter the screen, the better. (These days, monitor screens come very flat...but at a cost, of course.)

Also, what refresh capabilities and type do your graphics card and monitor offer? Monitors actually display things onscreen with an electron beam directed from the back of the monitor to the screen itself (very similar to a projection TV). The beam starts at the left end of the screen, draws across the screen, goes back to the other end, draws another line, and so on (like a typewriter).

The refresh rate, then, refers to how many times per second the entire screen is drawn one time. How many trips across the screen the electron beam must make depends on the resolution. That is, if you have 640X480, then the beam makes 480 trips across the screen to refresh it one time. If you have 800X600 resolution, the beam will make 600 trips. And so on.

For most of us, we don't consciously detect the screen refreshing. But, while we see a full screen, our brains are actually filling in the "missing" lines for us. If you take a photograph (at a high shutter speed) of a monitor that's using a fairly low refresh rate (say, 60Hz), you will often see only half a screen drawn; the other half will appear black...yes, because it's not really there. Our brains fill in the missing lines. Also, if you see a computer monitor on TV, you can often see the screen refreshing because the scan rate of the TV is much less than monitor rates; the refreshing process appears as lines moving from top to bottom. Again, while we're sitting at the computer, the refresh process is fairly undetectable to us, but our brains must work to compensate for the screen as it refreshes.

Complicating, the refresh process is that it can be interlaced or non-interlaced (just like .gif graphics!). If it's interlaced, then the electron beam scans rows 1, 3, 5, 7, etc., often creating an undetectable-to-you flicker. Like the refresh process itself, you may not notice the flicker, but your brain will, making it work even harder to fill in missing information. Non-interlaced refresh draws rows 1, 2, 3, etc., and causes much less flicker for your brain to detect and overcome.

So, back to computer-induced headaches.... You need to have both a monitor and a graphics card that support a refresh rate higher than 70Hz and a non-interlaced refresh process. Also, you can improve the display by experimenting with your display settings. In Windows 95, 98, or NT, go to Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Display-->Settings-->Advanced-->... At the bottom of the dialog box (assuming your graphics card provides options), you can specify a refresh rate setting. Note that the "Optimal" option is often not...well...optimal, and you'll likely have better performance by setting a specific refresh rate.

To experiment, start by setting the refresh rate as high as it will go at the resolution you're using, then start working down in the resolution settings. In general, you'll likely have a better display using refresh settings that do not max out your graphics card and monitor capabilities. For example, if you're using 1024X768 resolution, your graphics card will need to work much harder to refresh at a higher rate (because there's more lines to refresh than at lower resolutions). Often, setting a slightly lower rate will result in better onscreen display because the card is working comfortably within its capabilities. Experiment with settings to see what display settings work best for you.

yea sumtimez when i have recently been sick it gives me exertion, but if tht is happening to u that every time u use the computer u get a headache , u shud definately get ur eyesight checked becuase if u have weak eyesight u tend to get a headache while on the computer, watching tv etc...

If all the lights are on and your computer is bight, your on it for a really long time, and you havn' t taken a break from staring at it, yes

try looking up at the wall for a few seconds every couple of mintues, stay aware of your surroundsing, and keep other lights on!

Gothic Rose

oww yes.

some how i think if i was looking at you on the computer i would not have a headache

Brian n
No it doesn't

If you look at the screen for long periods of time you could get eye strain which could cause a headache.

That is common with people using the old school type monitor. With the flat screen monitor that is less likely to happen.

Also if you don't have glasses/contacts, you may want to get your eyes checked as this happened to me. I got glasses, and the headaches stopped. I have a flat screen monitor on the way too. I had to talk my boss into it, but it wasn't too hard. I use a laptop at home, so I don't have that problem on that computer...

Both my Doctor and eye doctor say yes the computers can give you headaches. You are straining to see your computer, the light on it and the fact that just like a microwave it generates power & the electros after a while they affect your eyes and you get headaches....

Just like cell phones. I am 1/2 deaf in my left ear from the darn thing. I don't own one anymore.

I only stay on line about 6 hours a day and don't sit here all day long...I get up once in a while. I don't get eye problems or headaches like I use too....


Rose Bridge
yes sometimes .. it depends about how to use ur computer .. is it laptop or desktop?... how do u set in front it .. ? is there enough space between ur eyes and the monitor ? and also ur concentrates can increase ur headache

no it's usually the work I have to do on the computer that gives me a headache... = )

personally no, but staring at the screen all day can give some people a headache

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