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 I keep having really bad pain in my upper right side, just under my lung. What could it be?
Ive been to the ER twice, they did tests for pancreatitis appendicitis & gull stones. What else could it be? It hurts just to breathe. It feels like I have something stabbing me from the inside ...

 Which tablet is better than "vasugrain" for take relief from migrian pain?

 Help! I took viatra and woke up laying in my stomach up in the air?
I can I get this thing to deflate? I hope I do not have to go to the hospital because it would be embarassing to say the least!
So... What should I do?...

 Hard lump on left side please help!!!?
i have a lump about 2 and a half inches away from my hip bone and it is very hard when i push down what could it be?...

 How do I unstuff my ears??
About a year ago I had an ear infection in each ear. I took at the medication prescribed to me.Then after that my ears were all stuffed up but I didn't do much about it. I've blamed it on ...

 Whats the best treatment for sciatica?

 I get a headach everday, i have chest pains that come and go , having side pains and dizzyness, what is wrong?

 What do I use if I have sore joints and muscles after a hefty workout?

 Small lump under left earlobe on neck, what could it be?
Right underneath my left earlobe on my neck is a small lump...dosnt hurt or bother me. I am going to make a doctors apt, anyone else know what this could be?...

 I know I should see a doc, just wondering if anyone knows what it is from...?
First Q...in my left hand (palm) by my ring finger (by my knuckle, but on my palm)...well underneath the skin there is a hard bump and I can move it. Does anyone have any clue to what it is?

 Back pain in pregnancy?
I have a lot of pain in my lower back. I am only 20 weeks pregnant and wondering how the hell i'm going to manage when I get bigger.
I have a bad back as it is, and have invested in a ...

 What is the worse pain possible?

 What the hell is going on?? :/?
ive never had this happen to me ever...
weird really.
but, what the hell does it mean when your leg gets all cramped
like its fallen asleep.. and like the whole left side of your body!?...

 Do I have an infection?
Randomly today my throat just started hurting...it only hurts when I swallow and it feels like there's a huge lump there. What's wrong with it?...

 Can an impending earthquake trigger migraine headaches in some people?
My wife always has a migraine 24-48 hours prior to an earthquake. Has anyone else ever experienced this?...

Stiffness in my fingers especially on my right hand, natural position of right fingers more and more bent not straight. My grnadmother had arthritis, both her hands were bent, unable to straighten ...

 Can stress be causing my upset my stomach, or just a stomach virus?
Lately, I have been real tired, under a lot of stress, and body full of aches. It seems like everything I eat, it feels like it wants to come back up. Could I have a stomach virus? Or is it stress? I ...

 Has anybody ever been addicted to painkillers?
i used to cramp up alot, and take loads of painkillers, i cant get off them, any tips?...

 How can I treat my throat ?
i have a runny nose but i don't think it affects my throat.

everytime i yawn my throat pains.

everytime i swallow my throat pains.

its hard for me to talk as ...

 Remedies for sinus infections? any home remedies to soothe the pain?

Does having your ears double-pierced hurt?
I'm considering getting my second lobe piercing, and wanted to know if it hurts. I got my first lobe piercing about 2 years ago, and didn't feel a thing. Does the second one hurt a lot more?

Mr Lizard
Yes, it hurts twice as much as a single piercing.

Not really, mine was a quick pinch but it's different for everyone. The cartilage on the top of your ear hurts like hell though.

uhh no,its the same thang

scout {{a.k.a princess}}
know all that i felt was a little pinch and that was all so who ever mr lizzerd is your wrong because it doesnt hurt twice as much.

I'm not going to say its alot more painful but you can definitly feel it. It's one quick pinch and then it just burns for a while. I have my second holed peirced for 2 or 3 years and you just have to take very good care of the holes. Good Luck!

my second one didnt bother me, it was the third that hurt the worst, and took the longest to heal. the farther up you go the worse it is. the third one took 3 times as long to heal and was tender for the longest time. i wouldnt worry about the second one, its a breeze

no it feels the exact same as your first peircing. i had mine double periced a few years ago and i love it.

It hurt a little more than the first for me, but it's different for everyone.

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