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Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
does it hurt when you get your tongue pierced?


kinda but you get over it

Any Day Now
I think it might be different for every person, but when I got my tongue pierced it didn't hurt. It was kind of surprising because I was expecting more pain. The guy who pierced my tongue said there aren't any nerves in that area of your tongue, that's why it doesn't really hurt.

yes btw (by the way) tongue piercings are sick

They should numb it up a bit for you. Mine didnt hurt, but you sure as hell could feel it going through your tounge, and that is a really akward feeling.

Yes of course it hurts! You are cutting a hole in one of the most sensitive parts of your body just because you want to be a slavish follower of a fashion which will be out of date in the next ten years.

Carrying lumps of metal around screwed into their mouths is not the smartest thing that humans have come up with in the last twenty years.

"Big Guns Upstairs"
Yeah, and if it gets infected, its even worse. Take my word, just don't do it. It isn't worth the pain, you have difficulty eating once it heals, and it can change your speech too. Lets not forget that your tongue can get split too. Not fun, and that would require surgery, which is even more expensive and much more painful.

Ashlee K
a little, but after a few days it doesnt hurt as much...


Of course it hurts! I am so tired of people saying it doesn't. And it will swell up and you won't be able to eat much so eat alot before you have it done.

Beth G
Yes! It's the biggest muscle in our body, and there's a lot of blood flow. However you'll be fine if you take care of it correctly.

well, my friend who got hers pierced said as long as you listering your mouth like every 10 minutes after that it doesn't get swollen... and the actual piercing wasn't too painful.

The day after it hurts and it is hard to eat. Something like ice cream might sooth it. Make sure you use alcohol free mouth wash or gargle with salt water.

Yes, but the level of pain you experience varies from person to person. Personally I didn't think it hurt much at all. It was nothing like my nose piercing but more painful than my lip piercing.

It's seriously not bad. As long as you don't smoke and do the mouthwash follow-up religiously you'll be over it in no time.

Does it hurt when you bite your tongue? Then imagine going clear through your tongue with a needle.

Big Will
Yes, it hurts a LOT for a short time, then becomes a dull pain for a while, then goes away.

It dont hurt when they do it..it hurted me more after...but u will be good after 2 days

My tongue is pierced. In my opinion, it hurts worse to BITE your tongue than it does to get it pierced. The needle they use is pretty thick, so you feel more pressure than pain.

does it hurt when you bite your tongue? wouldn't ramming a needle through it be worse.


yea but it heals in a week

Well i wont lie: it hurts. Depends on what kind of person u are. Some handle the pain good some dont. The thing is you should do it only if u reaaally want it.

I have a very low pain tolerance, and the actual piercing doesn't hurt that much but it swells up for 3 days afterward. and THAT is painful. but if you eat ice alot to control the swelling its not intolerable

kbark !
everyone is different, my friend said it was one of the most painful things shes experienced, but when i got mine done it didn't hurt anywhere near as bad as i expected .


Yes. especially if it gets infected. ewww.

Jessica Doll (:
No, not at all...

YES, capton obvious!

As you can tell from some of the answers here, it just depends. Some people say it's painful as all get out, whereas mine had a second-long sting and that was it. My cartilage piercing hurt way worse.
I theorize that it depends on whether the piercer goes from the bottom or the top of the tongue. With mine, she started from the bottom, but the top of your tongue is more sensitive so if the piercer starts at the top it might hurt more. But again, that's just my theory. If you really want to get it then go get it- just be safe about it & you'll be fine (though I recommend plastic or acrylic balls eventually because they're easier on the teeth).

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