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 If i stop smoking right now?
Will all the aches and pains start to go away?
Additional Details
I get aches and pains all over my body and i know for a fact its due to smoking.Sombody told me that once you quit all ...

 I have a real bad headache and i dont know how to take pills??
when i try and take a pill it wont go down my throat sooo if i put the pill in some water will it desolvee and then i drink it........will that help with my headache still....if not how do ii get ...

 Do I have a pinched nerve or possibly did a pull I muscle in my neck?
I was doing yard work a few days ago and I did something to my neck. Every night I go to bed the next morning it seems to be getting worse. I can't turn my neck or head to the right cause it ...

 I always have to crack my neck?
well not always, but really often. because my neck just starts feeling all stiff and uncomfortable and so i crack it to the side and to the other side but i want to stop doing it, is there anything ...

 Do you ever get used to living with chronic pain?
I have chronic back and knee pain.

The doctors can't find a cause but it makes my life a misery although I am lucky as it doesn't get worse with activity so I can still lead an ...

 I just started waitressing, after a few hours the middle of my back KILLS! Any suggestions on fixing the prob?

 Does anyone know how to ease or get rid of the pain from arthritis?
I am only 16 and sadly got arthrits on both of my ankles and right knee. i have been taking pain killers and other pills everyday for the past 5 months but still feel pain especially in the morning. ...

 As anyone used a tens machine for back pain as my mother-inlaw has been taking very strong pain killers for it
with no affect ,the doc says its wear & ...

 I have prescribed vicodin/lortab talets that expired on 6/2006 would it be safe to take it now for back pain?
hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5/500 to be exact.
Additional Details
It's hydrocodone/acetaminophen to be exact. It was prescribed for pain caused by ovarian cysts....

 Pain pain pain pain?
Ah god i have such a strong period pain...
what can i do to stop ...

 Iam 18 and might have osgood schlatter, what should i do?

 My hand quickly gets real sore when playing barcodes on the guitar.What can I do to help with this?
I have been playing for 3 years and practice about an hour a day, but I still get alot of pain in my hand only after a few minutes when playing ...

 Why do people say "ow" when they are hurt?
My theory is that its a stress reliever, such as when you scream into a pillow to releive stress. The more stressfull a situation is, the more you scream into a pillow. The same holds true for pain, ...

 Does anyone know a good cure for "charlie horse" cramps? I have been getting them several times a day. Thanks

 When having carpal tunnel syndrome, where does it hurt??
When having carpal tunnel syndrome, where does it hurt??...

 Storms causing joint pain?
I've heard mixed things about this...can rain or thunderstorms cause someone who has had a surgically repaired joint (my shoulder) pain?...

 I have severe whiplash and my husband wants me to help clean the house..should I?

 What does it mean if your appendix hurts? is their a doctor in the house?
my appendix (or what ever is above and slightly above my hip bone on the right side) has been hurting a lot recently, not very bad, just a gentle constant pain. What the heck on a stick does this ...

 How do you releave stress?

 Do you worry at the slightest pains you get?
or brush it off,and say oh ,its nothing?
Additional Details
foxy -true!
if there is any pain,its the body saying,stop,listen,something is not right!...

Does cutting ursefl help relieve stress?
I just entered the best HS in NYC and it is insanely tough...I hate it, its horrible, I wanna cry although I'm a guy....

lets all cry for u yes cutting yourself relives stree but dont do it cuz you could kill yourself on accident

that's to bad but don't hurt yourself because of it did you know it was this way did you want to go be careful must be ruff talk with someone any one but DO NT HURT YOUR SELF because you are upset find help good luck

try meditation.... cuttin doesnt help... trust me

Nope, for me if I did cut myself it would only cause more stress for me. If you need help through school try talking to your parents or a counselor about ways to make it less stressful for you. It's OK to cry every once in a while even if you are a guy! I would suggest talking to somebody about this though to try to help you through this. Good luck!

no. cutting yourself will only add to your stress. you should try running or finding a hobbie to help you out. i realize school is hard... trust i know.. but it's only a small amount of your life.. .there is no use hurting yourself over something that won't last forever.. because, NOTHING does.

I don't know if it does, but it certainly isn't the best way to do it. You can kill a mosquito with a sledgehammer too, but why do that much damage when a flyswatter would work? See what I mean? High school is stressful sometimes but mainly because your focus is on the here and now instead of the future. You might want to think about getting back into a school where you don't feel so miserable. By the way, there is nothing wrong with going to your room and crying till you feel better. It's a great release. Once you are done getting all that misery out of you, then it's time to bounce back and come up with a plan to get through this phase until you move on into your adult future. You can do it. Another great stress reliever is exercise. Plus its good for you. Give yourself the best chance you can to be successful in handling this stress by eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, taking vitamins and having proper exercise. You will be better able to cope with adversity if you are in top form. For mental health, besides exercise you could try writing in a journal, learning a musical instrument, self defense training, etc.
best wishes to you dear!


No, it really doesn't. It can actually turn into quite an illness.

If it's that terrible, you should go to the school counselor or tell your parents you need professional help.

Good luck.

its secondary pain that makes you forget about the first and the most pressing pain. you have try and deal with your stress in a more positive way join a group go for walks or runs~

Self Mutilating behaviour is indicative of a deeper, more sever issue. Please seek help from a Guidance Counselor or a Psychiatrist.

People who cut do it to get control over something, anything, in their lives. "I'm in pain, but it's ok because I'm the one doing it."

It doesn't help, so stop it. If you want to control something, control your thoughts, now THAT will help you.

I'm a firm believer that choosing to think good thoughts can cancel out the bad thoughts that most people are stuck with replaying in their heads over and over.

Your brain can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

There are a couple of good books I can suggest of positive affirmations and how to use them. Email me sometime for a list, but WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOURSELF by Shad Helslatter is pretty good.

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