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 Pain releif for arthritis in the hand?
my nan has arthritis in her thumb, she has tried different creams and things but hasn't found any thing that has great effect. can anyone recommend anything or has any tips?

 I'm afraid I may be sick and I feel like no one believes me...the doctors I see dont seem to listen. Help?????
My symptoms are: Fatigue, Muscle and Bone pain, back pain, and frequent stomach/bowel problems. I am tired of hurting every day. I am also Bipolar and take Effexor XR, Lamictal, and Desyrel. I have ...

 What is this pain? I posted yesterday 2 but would like more answers!?
Ok so i have a real bad pain in my right side, its more round my back, i presume my kidneys. Its agony, it hurts to sit, stand, lie down, walk, anything, i cant really get to the doctors so i just ...

 Ear hurts, need help fast?
It's 6:00 in the morning, and my left ear is killing me. I can't hear out of it, and it's now a stabbing pain. It feels like it's blocked or something. I have a bad headache now. P...

 What are the first signs of carpul tunnel?
spelled that right?...

 I have a bad earache is there anything I can do to ease it till I can get to the doctors tomorrow?

 Is this anything I should be worried about?
Last Thursday at about 9:30, my chest started hurting. Throughout the next hour or two the pain subsided to just when I took really deep breaths.

Since then, the pain has lessened but ...

 Something strange in my ear...?
I have a wierd noise in my right ear that i can only describe as sounding like a shell (like the roaring of the ocean). It doesn't hurt apart from being uncomfortable. I've tried to put ...

 If you crush up Vicodins will they work better?
Obviously they are not time release so I know that it wont be stronger but maybe in helping it absorb. Crush them up and take a drink, will this maximise its effects (pain numbing not to get a high) ...

 Any good ideas to get rid of back pain? that doesn't involve a doctor?

 What is the best way to heal achy tired feet?
For work, I am constantly on my feet and, like today for example, I was on my feet working for 13 hours non-stop. My feet are incredibly sore now. Does anyone have any quick remedies to help and ...

 Getting rid of back pain quick?
my back has been killing me since friday, i tried to paqrallel squat 225 i squat for football, this was the first time i squated in awhile, i thought i could do it since i done it before, the reps ...

 Is it a hangover when you have a headache and you are throwing up the next morning?
I was wondering if you have a hangover from alcohol when you are throwing up the next morning.
My friend drank last night and i want to help them feel better.
Is there anything i can give ...

 For the love of God will someone please answer my question?
for some reason my question keeps falling through the cracks or im not posting at the right time /place or people just dont know the answer,which is why im getting more worried by the day
does ...

 Why is it if you love someone theres a pain?

 Held down to bed???????
Awhile ago when I was asleep, I woke up. I could blink and everything. The only problem was that I couldn't move my arms or legs. I was able to move my head though. Then my whole body jolted ...

 I have a REALLY bad sore throat!?
I have had it for 2 days now. About a week ago, I lost my voice. Which now I have it back. I decided to look in the mirror today inside my mouth. I have a swollen ball looking thing on right ride ...

 Can you advice me about my bad back Please?
i have had a bad back for a couple of years but it has got really bad this year.
i have been told its infammed muscle and Damaged muscles and i am having pshyio but its just not seem to be ...

 Is it true you can get upper back pain if the back is exposed to air when sweating after excercising?
Its just that i have a upper back pain at the moment, i mean i can walk, dont have breathing difficulties or anything but can it be because of the sweat being exposed to air after working out, im ...

 I have taken a lot of tylenol?
I have been drinking whiskey tonight got in a huge fight w husband i have taken 11 rapid release tylenol in about a three hour to five hour hour time period, I feel like passing out I am gonna b ok<...

Does Hydrocodone and Oxycodone show up the same on a urine test?

They do not both show up as opiates.A separate test is used for each one

Does it matter? Both are legal prescription drugs and the prospective employer would have no right to ask why you were taking one or both. Right?

Edit: I don't mind the thumbs down if I am wrong, but someone tell me WHY I am wrong.

just don't use them for a few days and they will be out of your system for a test.

hydrocodone, oxycodone, and about 10 other opium extracts will all show up as an opiate on drug tests. urine tests test for opiates in general, not specific opiates, except for heroin, which is a synthetic opiate derived from morphine. the word opiate is used to classify any drug derived from opium poppies, and the word opioid denotes"opiate-esque" medicines. in short, the answer to your question is absolutely. oxycodon and hydrocodone, which are complex salts, hence the hydrochloride at the end of the chemical names, leave the system enough to dodge urine or saliva tests in an average of 2-3 days. drinking lots of cranberry juice will flush your system faster as it is a diaretic (makes you need to urinate more) and it helps clear your liver, which processes the hydrocodone into morphine. if its a hair follicle test, you are screwed, but those tests are so expensive it is almost exclusively used in court ordered drug tests. if you get these as a prescription, show proof of prescription to the tester and you will be let off the hook, as it is medicinal. if not, drink a lot of cranberry juice. your best bet is to stay off of them if they arent prescribed, up until your test. if it is sooner than 3 days, just drink a lot of cranberry juice, and good luck either way ^^

Sure do.

Dea B
yes they will show up as opioates...

Yes and no. Most simple urine tests will just show that you are positive for opiates, as both hydro and oxycodone are opiates. However, a more intensive test will differentiate between the two different types of opiates and if you don't have a script for both, then you will have a problem.
For instance, I go to a pain management doctor, and he prescribes me Percocet(oxycodone mixed with aceteminophen). He gives me a urine test every month to see if I take my medicine (vs. selling it?). The test he gives me is called a 9 panel test and he would get rid of me as a patient if he found vicodin, loritabs, etc in my system and the test he gives me would detect that.
Hope this makes some sense and helps.

♥Georgia Peach♥
Yes, both show up as opiates (pain killers)

Rachel T
A drug test can be so specific that a doctor can see what meds you are taking and how much. An employment drug test only test for classes of drugs, like opiates. A pain management drug test can differentiate between hydrocodone and ocycodone. If you are prescribed one and not the other, and you test positive, you are OUT of the pain management clinic. If you have been taking oxycodone and it is not prescribed for you, you have violated the contract you signed and will be discharged as a patient immediately. If you feel the hydrocodone is not strong enough, you need to speak with your doc and explain WHY it does not help your pain

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