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Do medication go bad?

Donny S
i saw a segment of CNN i tthink where they determined that medication is still good long after its expiration date, and the only reason the expiration date is there is becuase the companies want to make more money. but i wouldnt trust that. if its long after the expiration date then dont take it.

Karen D
They don't really go bad, they just lose their effectiveness. So it won't hurt you, but it won't help you either.

I asked the pharmacist and he said no, never take anything over one year old. Some pills may lose their strength and more importantly other pills in the bottle can gain it. You would not want to take a pill that had the strength of 6 pills in it. It could be harmful for sure depending on what it is.

The Chosen Pilot
of course! if you take them you can die! so be careful to read the bottle searching for the expire date!

prescription medication should have an expiration date of about a year after it's issued. OTC meds differ, depending on what they are, but you're better throwing them out if they're really old.

Yes there is an expiration date on any medication- it should be located on the bottle...it seems like almost everything has expiration's dates...even soap lol!

Medications have an expiration date listed on the container. Yes, they do go bad.

Happy Nappy
YEAH it does...check the bottle for an expiration date..or take it to a pharmacist to show you how to determine when it expires if you can't figure out how to read it!


Yes, most medications have an expiry date. If you are not sure, side on caution and contact a Pharmacist.

Yes. It has an expiration date. Check the label.

yes, it has an expiration date and you should NOT use the medication after its expiration date...

Yes, check the expiration date on the package.

lil southern girl
They don't "go bad" like food, but what happens is that they lose their effectiveness - they will no longer do what they are supposed to do after a certain period of time. This is what the expiration date on the bottle is for, to let you know it probably won't work after that date.

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