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Can you take aleve and tylenol together?
i took 2 aleve a couple hours ago and 1 tylenol 30 mins ago should i take more tylenol i have a toothache?

i would definitely not do tat. its really bad to get them mixed up. try asking a pharmacists first. DO NOT TRY THIS @ HOME!!!

Toothaches are painful but can be prevented
by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating
food which will result in the formation of acid
in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride
toothpaste. I found the information at
http://aches.in/preventtoothache.html useful

connie c
no that would be to much wash you mouth out with mouth wash

adult dose advil 2-3 tabs evry 6 hrs if you have no stoch, liver, kidney problems

aleve 2 tabs twice a day

tylenol 1000 mg every 6 hours

Yes you can take aleve and tylenol together but don't mix aleve and advil

I take aleeve also...but please don't take tylenol with it. If you are taking stuff for toothaches you can try this...take aleeve arthritis strength(follow dosage on the label)...rinse your mouth with warm salt water...use a heating pad on your face...most of the time the toothache pain will subside within about a half hour...GOOD LUCK TO YOU

No, read the directions. Don't take new pain meds until the old ones have worn off. For Aleve that would be 4-6 hours, I believe. Don't take anything else until after that time has elapsed after the Aleve.

And call your pharmacist with this question, I'm not qualified to answer this for you.

Alex P
nah it probably wont help, get some orajel that stuffs good for toothaches

Stick with one or the other. I think Aleve is better for pain.

do not take too many meds
you will get sick
try Anbesol for the pain or Orajel

Absolutely not. Al eve is a drug that makes many people feel very badly. Please do one or the other, but not two at once or you may feel more sick than the toothache makes you feel.

I wouldnt

you can take them semi together.... take one then about an hour before that one wears off take the other and rotate like that. That's how my daughter's dr. told me to do when she had an ear infection.

My pharmacist told me that one CAN take Aleve and Tylenol together because they are different preparations, and they CAN work synergistically to (1) reduce inflammation [Aleve] and (2) relieve pain [Tylenol]. This combination is the only treatment that used to help my daughter with severe menstrual pains.
What you CAN'T do is combine Aleve with aspirin-type or other types of ibuprofen medications. Tylenol is different. Follow the label directions on BOTH products.

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