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 My back really hurts, NEED HELP PLZ!?
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I got my right ear pireced when i was a kid, i dont remember the pain so can some one tell me how much it will hurt....

 I woke up this morning with a wet bed.?
i am 16 and i have been wetting the bed lately and i dont know what to do. i dont have health insurance so i cant go to the doctor. would adult diapers work?
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my ...

 Headaches and dizziness, what is going on?
Okay, so for over three years now, I have been suffering from tension headaches DAILY. I have been to the doctors three times already, and there has been no help. I have gotten my eyes checked, turns ...

 I'm In Such Bad Pain. Please Help?
I'm 14 And Getting Pains In My Chest And My Lower Right Side. Before I Used To Have Pains In Both Sides But Now It's My Right One And I Feel Sick. I'm Actually Ment To Be At School But ...

 I cant hear really good out of my left ear. All I hear is a contant buzzing sound. What could be the cause?
I went to the dr and they said there was no infection in it just some ear wax....

 Ear Infection?
As stated in an earlier question I have been suffering from terrible earache, the doctor said i had a lot of wax, and it was infected. I have been back to the doctors since, and i actually have an ...

 How do you know if you're getting addicted to painkillers??
I have spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and have had 15 plus surgeries my whole life. what's the difference between tolerance and addiction? I had a really excruciating arm pain, and my mom didnt ...

 Restless leg syndrome?
This is a condition where people get bad cramps in their legs, and unfortunatly I have it. I was wondering if anybody knows a good remedy for this??...

 Causes and cures for cracked heels?

 How do I make the pain go away?
I slept on my arm wrong, Pinched a nerve and now I have this really annoying, dull aching pain in my left arm. How can I make this go away? Its the reason why im having trouble sleeping at night....

 Whats the difference between Loratab and Percocet?

 Heart hurts..?
i am a 15 year old girl and i feel a sharp little pain in/near my heart when i lay on my left side or on my back and ocassionally when i am just walking around.DOo you know what this may be and ...

 What's the best way to get rid of trapped wind FAST???
Because i'm in agony!!!!
I've taken pain killers too, strong ones but i still feel horrible.

I know one method is do stick my legs in the air (right)? but i can't do ...

 I Need Help!!! its hurts when i go to the restroom?
it stings when i go to the restroom and even lil drips of blood when im finshed. But i never really fully finish cuz it sting so bad which makes me go to the restroom more often. what should I do?...

Can you break a bone in your foot and still walk?
The foot pain is at the arch and it goes through to the top of my foot also up my ankle and shin, it feels like a bad cramp that never goes awAy? It gets worse when I am sleeping and waking up is crazy!!! I have had it for three months and the past week I can't sleep. Can you break a bone and still be able to walk?

Cindy F
you can break a bone in the foot and continue to walk on it. i broke my foot right by the last two toes and continued to work with it hurting for months.

the countess
yes and as you say the pain is bad.
i suggest you see a doctor and ask for x ray. if nothing is then found on the x ray you must follow up and go back to the doctor as there is something wrong and you should not suffer any longer

'Can you break a bone and still be able to walk?'>> after it heals, Yes

Whats your doctors verdict on this?

yes, my daughter has done so and is in a cast today. its anticipated to heal in a month or so. its a real pain in the ...

Vicky L
You sure can. Matter of fact, my father broke his leg once and walked on it for several weeks until he began to wonder why his leg wasn't getting any better and he finally went to the hospital and they x-rayed his leg. The ended up putting it in a cast and he had that on for a long time!!!

Evil Ned
Yes...depends on the bone though as to what sort of mobility you get back. I snapped 1/4 iknch of the end of my fibula and can no longer run as the bone will never heal.

Kevin M
Yes you can, you just say ouch a lot.

yes , I did .when id step down i would hear a click click sound and then feel like peeing myself.but would go away when I didnt put pressure on it.My point is the pain was sharp and unbearable and no way could I have lived 3 months with it.
what I believe ,because you dont mention an injury or any undue swelling or redness is that you could have a fallen arch.
this would explain the continued pain.Id reccomend seeing a doctor who can help you find methods of dealing with it.
I.E. special shoes or arch supports.
It may be as simple as changing the shoes you wear or trying one of those inserts for shoes you can buy at the store ,if you have very high arches you shouldnt wear flats, sandals or moccasins that have little or no arch support.
good luck

Yes. It sounds more like you have torn a muscle in your foot/ankle. Go see a dr. asap. You only got one pair of feet and they are your platform. You need to take good care of those puppies.
My husband RAN for 3 weeks on a broken leg in college. Long story but his cross country coach told him it was some rare disease that he had to "work thru." My husband ended up having his entire knee replaced.

The foot like the hand is made up of many small bones, so it is possible to do this and still walk. You may also have strained something or the footwear you are wearing is the cause of your problems, I really think you should see a doctor or podiatrist

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