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no advil or tylenol the basic drugs i ...

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No I ain't snorting the sh!t!!! I think that would burn like hell!!! And yeah, I itch all over just my nose is the worst!...

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 How can I get rid of my sore throat?
I'm telling you people the pain is crazy!....
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Can my mattress be causing my hip pain?
Last week my back started hurting because my Mattress needed turning over and the pain had started to radiate around to my hips. I turned my mattress over on saturday and my back has got better but i still have pain in my hips. My left hip is worst affected and unlike my right hip, the pain doesn't ease through the day. It hurts to lay on my left hip and it hurts when i walk sometimes and when i move my leg in different positions.
I bought a new mattress in the summer because my old one had started to make my back hurt. This mattress i have now is not that firm and i am thinking that the pressure could be making my hip hurt.
I have started to worry about it, because i do not have the funds to buy a new decent mattress and i would just like some advice on how i can get my hips better or how i can stop my mattress from hurting me.

I would so appreciate any advice from people who maybe have had the same problem or anyone who thinks they may be able to help.

Eunice M
are you not a driver?

Dawn C
I would check with a Chiropractor before I would use painkillers. Medications will just cover the symptoms, the problem will still be there. I went from a firm to a soft mattress with no problems. I have back pain, but not because of a soft mattress. Do you have too many pillows? Are you sleeping in a different position than before? I would check with a Chiropractor to see if there are any other problems that could be causing your pain.

You should see your GP.

It sounds like you might have some inflammation around the joint.

This is easily and swiftly treated with prescription meds.

Google "bursitis" and you will see what I'm on about.

Can say what will help . . only you can determine that . . resources:

Folding Bedboard

Foam Mattress Research Links

I work for a chiropractor and he always tells people to put a piece of ply wood in between the matress and boxspring. It firms up the mattress even more.

Might be over simplified, but a "knee pillow" has helped to alleviate much of my hip pain. Keeps the hips at a better angle, more natural.

I sleep on my side, and this works for me! Good luck....

You might have scoliosis like many people on earth. Δ± have it too
And my left hip hurt a lot too. I found out I step wrong. Especially with my left. You need to do some yoga and taichi and quigong. And see a specialist. For the bed, choose a visco therapy bed. Good luck and get well soon!

I've had the same problem and found out that the mattress was not firm enough. Until I could afford to buy a new one I did put plywood underneath the mattress. It helped some but I also slept with a pillow between my knees. This helps to straighten out the spine and will elevate some pain. I would recommend trying this to see if it does help, you have nothing to lose by trying it. Good luck.

I think you bought the wrong mattress. It may be too soft. If it's really that new, try putting a piece of plywood underneath it to give more support.

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