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 Why are my legs sore?
why are my (upper/thigh) legs sore when i didnt work out or anything?
it was fine yesterday, but sore today.

 Whats the best cure for headaches?

 Crushing chest pain every 30 seconds or so?
I've lately been getting large crushing pain in the center of my chest every 20-30 seconds for about 1 hour at a time. It also doesn't happen everyday and usually happens at night.


 Any ideas of what this feeling is?
I feel really acid-ee. Not really nauseus but just burny inside like in my esophogus and stomach. Im wondering what it is? Anyone have ideas?
Additional Details
Okay, Im a virgin and am ...

 My mom has a spinal problem, what specialist should she go?

 Why does my upper back hurt when i play guitar?
When I play electric guitar, the upper right wing on my back hurts. This is also my strumming hand side... The pain usually lasts for about 20 minutes afterward as well, and I also get this pain ...

 What can it be I'm feeling allot of pain?
In my rectum area right at the top slpi part I have't had a B.M in 4 days I'm just concern and wondering what it is
Additional Details
LOL you are too much, I have had that yet ...

 I have a bent peinus, not strait, will that do good?

 Should I have my gallbladder removed?
I am due to have my gallbladder removed on 8th august, but I am terrified because I keep reading about patients who have terrible symptoms post removal and wish they hadn't had it removed. T...

 Apendix pain?
ok so i am having to pain in the lower right part of my stomach. i can not go to the doctor untill monday. what should i do for the pain in the mean time.
Additional Details
i'm not ...

 Do you think that marijuana would help my bad bad migraines? I am thinking of trying it for the pain.?
No I am not a pot head, I just want to try something more natural other then the pain medicine that I have been taking that does not work nothing I have ever tried works. This is just something I ...

 Both my wrists ache and my right arm is painful, I don't have arthritis any ideas?
Every night i get woken up with pain both my wrists ache,my right arm hurts and i get a lot of aching in my neck. This has been going on for several weeks. Blood test were negative for arthritis

 Knee hurts. What should I do?
My knee has been hurting since my 8th grade year after I did a competion for show choir, and I'm a junior now. My doctor says there is nothing wrong with it, but it hurts so badly. It's not ...

 Hey pls help me?
I have got a common cold, and have got a really painful ear ache. what can i do to ease the pain?...

 Any cures for bad back pain??
I get really bad back pain at times, the pain travels from my lower back into my hip & on down into my leg.

Does any1 know what this is or have any cures or reliefs for it?...

 How to relieve back pain?
my backs been hurting real bad since this morning, ive tried everything i can think of...its in the left side of my lower back but its not like a kidney or an apendix pain (ive had kedney pains)

 Tooth ache?
i've had toothe ach now for 2 solid weeks , i have not slept for the last 3 nights any 1 got any idea's to ease the pain . and yea i know i should go to the denist but , for 1 i can not ...

 Sore feet when working, any ideas?
Hiya, have currently got a typical studenty job of event staffing. This generally includes waitressing and running round for hours. Although I have bought new shoes a number of times, im still ...

 Lower back pain! I need a specialist.?
I have suffered lower back pain for ten years now. I am 27! Just so no-one tries to tell me to do things I have already tried / am trying, I have made a list below of treatments and exercises I have ...

 How can I numb myself for bondage? read for more info?
Ok, people ask fairly personal questions on here, so I'm gonna give details so as to get a good answer and fast.

Me and this girl have recently gotten into playful bondage, and she ...

Can cutting your wrist make you permanently lose some control of your fingers?
i know that unless you go out of your way to die from it it wont kill you, but will it impair the usage of your hand?

no smart asses

yes if you sever some of the motor nerves that innervate the fingers.

Michelle :
yes, you can damage nerves that will impair the usage of your hand and fingers

Miss V.
If your cutting your wrists are you trying to kill yourself? If you really were trying to kill yourself then why would you care about imparing the usage of your hand? Why would you be cutting your wrists if you weren't tring to kill yourself? How about you just don't do it or worry about it, then everyone can be happy.

yes, if you cut a tendon or nerve

If you cut deep enough, yo can lose control or feeling in the hand

Shinigami (FAC)
It's a worry, isn't it?
Will cutting your neck cause your brain to cease functioning?

I think so...



Jim P
Yep. Some mighty important tendons run through the wrist. Hold your wrist up in front of your face, then clench and unclench your fist.

See what I mean?

The answer to this question depends on how deep you cut when you cut your wrist. The flexor tendons (the structures that pop up in your wrist when you clench your fist) don't lie very deep in the wrist. If you just cut through the skin, you wouldn't injure the tendons. As you cut deeper, you have a greater and greater risk of injuring the tendons, and eventually the median nerve, which lies approximately in the center of the wrist. Of course, this answer presumes you cut across the wrist. If you cut lengthwise, you might go between two tendons, cut one in half lengthwise, etc. Better not to cut your wrist in the first place, as the repair doesn't always give you 100% return of function and sensation, especially if you damage the median nerve.

It sure can. Watch your wrist as you wiggle your fingers. Those things that are popping up and down are the tendons that control your finger movement.

yes if you sever nerves,I cut my ginger 7 years ago with a steak knife it was only about 1/2 in deep and my finger is permanently numb in that area,so yes and then if you cut leaders and nerves it could be a very bad citation

In cutting the wrist, you can cut into the tendons which pull and push your fingers via your muscles, thus rendering your digits unusable.

yes, if you cut a nerve.

tiffany g
Hmmm i'm not trying to be a smart *** so dont u be a dumb *** if you cut your wrist dont you think your going to lose some sort of control to your fingers your cutting your nerves. Nerves is what makes them move

It will if you cut a nerve.

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