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Can changes in weather cause sinus pain?
It was warm here last week, then it turned cold this weekend, then it started to warm up again and today it's been cold and rainy. And on top of that today I've had a headache off and on. So I'm just wondering if weather changes could, because normally it's allergies, but I know today it's not. Thanks, so much.

yes the presure can

yes, they can becuase of the air pressuse changes and the quick transistions of warm to cold and back and forth and so

sure can

YES, big time!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to the weather and see how high the tree pollens & molds are....i live in Texas and it's a *****.......one day is gonna snow and 2 days it's sunny and 85 degrees, and i am NOT kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

yes weather can mess it all up take sinus pills like actifed or clariton for allergies the pollen is out

yes i get that every spring try claritin

cherry berry
weather can change alot about how your alergies are that day like for me if im outside and its warm then the next day it drops and is freezing my alergies go nuts my noise hurts my head hurts off and on so weather can change and cause sinus pain :)

Annastasia D
Yes if its to hot or to cold to fast it will dry them out and cause brunining and itching

grab life by the bars

Changes in the temp. and humidity can trigger responses in your nasal cavities.. and pollen and allergens can be elevated during different days depending on the dryness of the air outside..There is a variety of atmospheric changes that can affect sinus problems. if they become bothersome then you need to consult your md.

my new life


If you have sinus condition you will experience the change in the weather and temperature

yes i have the same problem. everytime the weather changes from warm to cold, i get sinus problems that last up to 3 weeks

Yes...it has more to do with the changes in pressure connected to the weather changes than the temperature.

That definitely happens to me with the weather change! I would say to take a Sudafed and see if that helps you with your sinus problems. Feel better!

Tam Tam
Drives my sinuses crazy and I don't have allergies!
I use Aleve cold and sinus. One pill, works 12 hours, doesn't make you tired.
Good luck, here's some kleenex....

Sue F
Weather changes can really increase my sinus problems and the pressure and tension headaches that go along with it.

I can generally predict the weather with my sinus problems and headaches (usually I am more accurate than the weather channel....I just don't get paid for it though)

I have found that taking a 24 hour allergy pill can help a lot, and then if the pressure changes cause a headache, I will take a dose of Excedrin Sinus to break the pain.

Drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated really helps the body to stay as clear and depressurized as possible. I try to get as much fresh air as possible, and will take short breaks from work to walk outside even for five or ten minutes can help.

Indoor air can add to the pressurized feeling, so the fresh air can really help.

The Center for Disease Control is saying that this is the worst allergy season in nearly forty years, so all of us who have allergies are going to have a tough time this year.

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