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 Can anyone suggest a remedy for right shoulder and hand pain for a 48 yr old lady using right hand?

 Can you break a bone in your foot and still walk?
The foot pain is at the arch and it goes through to the top of my foot also up my ankle and shin, it feels like a bad cramp that never goes awAy? It gets worse when I am sleeping and waking up is ...

 Vicodin Abuse?
What are the side affects?...

 Muscles? please help! best answer will be given.?
I have been going to a vball camp and then going to the gym after it everyday this week and have overdone it and pulled my upper back and shoulder muscles my abs and leg muscles as well. they hurt ...

 I have a hole in my tooth and now i have a tooth ache with terrible pain i can't see the doctor til monday?
ive taken motrin, vicodin, tylenol taken a shot of brandy , and rub some bc powder around and in it and still the pain is here. it is getting to my ear and the back of my head. what else can i try or ...

 Woke up this morning with pain in chest (lower lung area), sore throat and headache?
I have uni-flu tablets that expired in Dec 06, would these be ok to take until I have the energy to go to chemist?
Additional Details
I'm not coughing, I feel sweaty, tired and have ...

 Asprin everyday - Is this okay???
My friend takes two Excedine every morning. She says she will get a headache if she doesn't take them. Since they're over the counter they're safe? I told her to see her doctor. W...

 Horrible toothache?
im 38 weeks pregnant and have a horrible toothache.Now since im pregnant the only medicine i can take is tylenol im drooling and everything and tylenol is not working. anything else i can do or take. ...

 Chronic headaches ?
I get pounding headaches when i walk up the stairs or when i wake up. I get like 3 per day. They come out of nowhere, any one know why they happen?...

 Can you get addicted to Paracetamol or Aspirin ?

Additional Details
Only Ive heard some of these hollywood types get hooked on prescription painkillers - if not aspirin etc. what ?...

 Headache problem?
I have what can only be described as a vicious migraine. My head has hurt so bad that I can move my head without a tear coming to my eye FOR THREE DAYS now. What's going on? Aspirin, Tylenol, M...

 Is heartburn bad for you if you have it all the time.?
Because i get it allot....

 Methadone withdrawal?
Has any one ever experienced withdrawal from a methadone maintainence program? If you have can you tell me if it was really as bad as I have heard?...

 What is wrong with my ear?
i keep getting a weird feeling in my ear like its full of cotton wool, also some times there is a short sharp high pitched noise. whats going on?
Additional Details
i don't have ...

 I cant sh*t?
Ok wtf i jsut took a bunch of these anti shitting tablets and now i cant sh*t i havent been able to **** for about a week i dont feel the need but i have this strange sensation in my bowles and its ...

 My husband has constant headaches and is depressed, I am getting tired of this.?
I got married last year and this entire year my husband has had migraine/cluster combinations and tends to just be depressed all the time. He just sits on the couch, falls asleep in the bathtub, or ...

 My wrist hurts and i have a small, hard ball that appeared on it. Anyone know what this may be?

 My back really hurts, NEED HELP PLZ!?
my lower back is killin me when i go to sit down and pick something up or sit down, what can i do to help get better sooner rather than later (i have to do a lot of heavy lifting on the 10th)...

 Im getting my ear percied. how bad will it hurt?
I got my right ear pireced when i was a kid, i dont remember the pain so can some one tell me how much it will hurt....

 I woke up this morning with a wet bed.?
i am 16 and i have been wetting the bed lately and i dont know what to do. i dont have health insurance so i cant go to the doctor. would adult diapers work?
Additional Details
my ...

Can anyone tell me how to write a prescription for Hydrocodone 7.5 500 90 tablets?
It would be for Vicodin Hydrocondone is generic

you can get ANYTHING at online drug companies without a perscription if you are willing to pay. run a search for the product

Or you can go to a walk-in care center and see a doctor and get a perscription the right way. Good luck

Go to medical school.


I know, I know!!!!
if you were a doctor you would know how to write one. do you WANT to go to jail?

If you don't know how to write a prescription, you shouldn't be writing one! Are you a physician?

I reported you, have a nice day! next time i would suggest not asking how to illegally forge a prescription for narcotic drugs over the internet.. not to smart

Mary Smith
you can't unless you are a doctor.

DUDE! Whats up over there???? Dont you realize how very ILLEGAL this is? How in the world can you even consider trying to pull this one off?
Would this contemplated act be worth it to you, should you get caught? Do you realize the seriousness of it? Can you say.......

Are you "Addicted" or are you just in so much "PAIN", that your desperate? I understand...I suffer from "Chronic Pain" myself...and will be for the rest of my life.
If "Insurance" and/ or "Money" is an issue...there are agencies out there that can help you. Even if you go to an ER...and they give you a script for said medication...I dont know where YOU live, but, "WALMART" now charges $4.00 per script/ per 30 days.
Coarse you will have to pay the hospital, but they will work out a "Payment Plan" for you.
Things will work out for you. Just PLEASE do NOT go out & do something that will jeopardize your freedom.


PS: Squirespeaks...(you missed a few things on this, but I am not willing to write what they are cause I am NOT willing to contribute to such an ILLEGAL act) ;)

You will get caught b/c the pharmacy will call the MD to verify b4 despising the drug.....i work in a hospital trust me

Troy J
Put your dad's prescription pad away and stop thinking about committing a felony

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