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Can I take Acetaminophen with Codeine with Ibuprofen?
The Pharmacist I spoke to said "I'm not sure, I will call back." .... That didn't reassure me much, and he hasn't called back in quite some time. My doctor said I could take more than one of the A/C's but I would rather supplement with something non-narcotic if possible.

nighttrain's katie
YES....both Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are designed to reduce swelling in mussels and joints....Codeine is strictly for pain.

i don't think thats necessarily a good idea...i would go with the doctors suggestion

NO NO NO! The pharmacist should have told you right away it's not safe to take them together. It's either one or the other. Taking them both can make you sick. Please don't do it.

YES, it's ok and it won't make you sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, codine makes a lot of people sick, I took a codine medicine for headaches awhile back that made me sick and I had to quit taking it. Ibuprofen I don't think has anything too harmful in it, but acetaminophen is harmful to you if you take it over a lengthy period of time (it is what is in a lot of sleep medicine which can make you become dependent on it). I would ask your doctor for something else. Or ask your doctor the name of it again so you can do some research on webmd. http://www.webmd.com is a great website where you can do research on prescriptions. Good luck!

Yes, you can. I cant believe the Pharmacist didnt know, He should have. I definately wouldnt ask THAT pharmacist anything else.

yes,you could, just make sure you do not take so much. I suffer from migrains and I've noticed that taking vicodin and Ibuprophen together works very well. Just not too much!

yes you can, but you will have an increased chance of stomach upset when combining the two.

Yes, you can alternate. For instance, take the Ibuprofen now, in a few hours take the Tylenol/codeine. Just alternate. I've done it. My daughters doctor recommended it for her.

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is often given with codeine for their pain relieving affects while ibuprofen is a anti-inflammatory (which decreases any inflammation you might have) My nurses drug book didn't say anything about taking them together, however just watch how much tylenol you are taking and don't take more then recommended because you can hurt your liver with to much or long time use. Ibuprofen and the codeine may cause stomach upset so probably should be taken with milk or some food. If you don't want to take the codeine, you could always take 2 tylenol then 2 hours later take 2 ibuprofen and keep switching them back and forth every 2 hours. If you have any doubts though, you should call your doctor or the pharmacy where you pick up your medications.

pax veritas
Please note that these are general guidelines, not as substitution for Doctor’s consultation.

Take either Or. Never both together or a mix of the two as the dosage of each Not given above, when taken together, do so under Doctor’s recommendation:

- Codeine - painkiller, Acetaminophen - anti-inflammatory. (3)(‘Precautions While Using This Medicine’, Medline Plus)
- Ibuprofen - anti-inflammatory (2) & Fever reduction. Howver, Ibuprofen contains aminoglycosides that may lead to excessive thinning of the blood and subsequent bleeding if taken in the wrong combinations. (4) (‘DRUG INTERACTIONS’, Ibuprofen Primer.)

- Codeine does not accumulate in body tissues. It is excreted in urea and feces with 24 hours of consumption. Its analgesic effect tends to peak within 1 to 3 hours and persists between 4 and 6 hours. (1) (subheader – Pharmacokinetics)

- 85% of acetaminophen is discharged through urea within 24 hours.
It acts as an ancillary analgesic once the codeine wears off. (1)(– Pharmacokinetics)

Some prescribed single adult dosage is: (1) (subheader – Dosage and Administration)
Codeine Phosphate - single dose15 mg to 60 mg // 360 mg maximum dose over 24 hours
Acetaminophen - 300 mg to 1000 mg // 4000 mg 24 hours

Barring your prior medical history and allergies, one’s personal experience is to complete the one to two days prescription.

Should discomfort and swelling persist, Doctor’s consultation or a specialist on the next day should be sought or immediately after the course. Ibuprofen is in no way an adequate substitute for Codeine.

Prevention and reduction of Liver, Kidney and Urinary tract infection.
- Increasing intake of water to at least eight glasses of water or up to three litres a day will help minimize liver and kidney damage. Frequent toilet visitations to be expected.
- Pure cranberry juice and blueberry juice helps to minimize infections and has high antioxidants that work against free radicals. ( Especially with female tract infection. )

Gentle reminder: These recommendations are no substitution for Doctor consultation.

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