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Any remedies for sore feet?
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 Stomach cramps?
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 Sudden onset of severe neck pain??
i woke up this morning, and my neck was fine.
i did nothing to strain any muscles today either, but around 10 my neck started hurting.
it's the very centre of my neck, it radiates up ...

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 Liquid pain medication?
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 Charlie horse! Hurts really bad.?
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 Whats the difference between darvocet and vicodin and or percocet?
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Can I pick up someone else's prescription?
My father is bedridden because of a back injury and needs a refill on his prescription (hydrocodone). The medicine bottle allows for one prescription, but I'm not sure if I can pick it up for him. I know that this is a controlled substance, but he is going to run out soon. Will I be able to pick up his prescription for him? Any advice??

i am a pharmacist, 90% mof my customers r elderly so they have someone else pick it up for them - it IS OK TO PICK UP YOUR DAD'S PRESCRIPTION

it really depends on the state that your in contact your regular pharmacy for the information ask to speak with the pharmacist they can advise you as to if you can and if so what you need to fill the prescription

I think so...call the pharmacy and ask first, so you don't waste a trip. I'm sure this is more common than you think.

If it is controlled, you will need a drivers license!!!!!! or pic ID. and you will sign for it.

Yes, most pharmacies will allow you to pick up the prescription, but most will have you sign for it. If anything seems suspicious at all they will try to get in touch with the prescription holder, to confirm they know about you.


yes you can but you might be asked for identification and you will probably have to sign for it before they will give it to you

yeah..if u have proof that he's really bedridden and i think there's an age requirement

Dead man inc
yes you can

Depending on the pharmacy. I stay in a small town so they dont check id or anything but when I tried to get some meds in teh city for my mom one time they wouldnt let me.

Yes you can but a new law requires a photo id when picking up any narcotics so make sure your drivers license isn't expired! The pharmacist will ask you your relation to the patient when she sees the names don't match, and may write it in the pharmacy log along with your drivers license number.

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