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 What causes tingling and numbness in the inner left hand from ring finger to pinkie finger?

 I get relly bad headaches every day what could be causing them??
i half to take something everyday it seems like for a headache i wounder why i get them so often??...

 Has anyone taken prescription strength co-codimol for a while?
And if so just how bunged up did you get. Any other stories or problems with it?
Additional Details
Im finding im going to the toilet a lot less, im a lot happier and upbeat, and that my ...

 "nerve pain in leg"?
I had a normal MRI but still have back and leg pain. Hurts my calf when bending, straigtening leg, driving. Dr thinks it is 2 different problems, I disagree. Anyone else had this.
Additional D...

 What is going on with my ankle/foot/leg? Outer ankle, lower leg swelling. No known injuries. No bruising.?
About 2-3 months ago I noticed a sorenss in my ankle when I was putting my shoes on. It was really sore around the bone that sticks out on the outside of the foot. I expected to see bruising soon ...

 Pain in my lower left stomach?(serious question)?
iv'e been having a coming and going pain im my lower left stomach. im not on my period or arent due so its not that. please help me its been going on for about almost a week now. i know its NO...

 I am a heavy smoker and there is an unbearable pain in my stomach......?
The pain becomes unbearable. I take mint oil based digestive liquid mixed in water to ease off the pain and it goes away. But it happens every night and I have to take that liquid every night.

 Shoulder Pain?
I have a bad pain in my shoulder and the joint itself feels unstable. When I lift anything, my upper arm bone feels as if it falls out of place. It also does it if I press my elbow into my side. It ...

 Serious headache?
ok i have a headache its likee right about on the left hand corner of my eye my right eye its above it next o my nose its hurting it feels like a terrible headache and it hurts!!!...

 Pain releif for arthritis in the hand?
my nan has arthritis in her thumb, she has tried different creams and things but hasn't found any thing that has great effect. can anyone recommend anything or has any tips?

 I'm afraid I may be sick and I feel like no one believes me...the doctors I see dont seem to listen. Help?????
My symptoms are: Fatigue, Muscle and Bone pain, back pain, and frequent stomach/bowel problems. I am tired of hurting every day. I am also Bipolar and take Effexor XR, Lamictal, and Desyrel. I have ...

 What is this pain? I posted yesterday 2 but would like more answers!?
Ok so i have a real bad pain in my right side, its more round my back, i presume my kidneys. Its agony, it hurts to sit, stand, lie down, walk, anything, i cant really get to the doctors so i just ...

 Ear hurts, need help fast?
It's 6:00 in the morning, and my left ear is killing me. I can't hear out of it, and it's now a stabbing pain. It feels like it's blocked or something. I have a bad headache now. P...

 What are the first signs of carpul tunnel?
spelled that right?...

 I have a bad earache is there anything I can do to ease it till I can get to the doctors tomorrow?

 Is this anything I should be worried about?
Last Thursday at about 9:30, my chest started hurting. Throughout the next hour or two the pain subsided to just when I took really deep breaths.

Since then, the pain has lessened but ...

 Something strange in my ear...?
I have a wierd noise in my right ear that i can only describe as sounding like a shell (like the roaring of the ocean). It doesn't hurt apart from being uncomfortable. I've tried to put ...

 If you crush up Vicodins will they work better?
Obviously they are not time release so I know that it wont be stronger but maybe in helping it absorb. Crush them up and take a drink, will this maximise its effects (pain numbing not to get a high) ...

 Any good ideas to get rid of back pain? that doesn't involve a doctor?

 What is the best way to heal achy tired feet?
For work, I am constantly on my feet and, like today for example, I was on my feet working for 13 hours non-stop. My feet are incredibly sore now. Does anyone have any quick remedies to help and ...

Can I mix alittle wine drinking with my meds.?
Meaning xo blood pressure pills. But Zoloph,and Gabapentin are taken, And a few more.

If your talking about having 1 (one) glass of wine, in a small wine glass, with dinner then I'd say that would be o.k. Actually my mothers heart doctor told her to have one glass at night. It helps with the circulation of your blood. But no more than one glass. To be sure I would ask my doctor and he will tell you what is safe and what isn't, he knows the meds you are on.

not bloodthinners, that's bad.

I cant be too sure. But, iv heard that mixing medicine with alcoholic beverages is really not reccommended. I would say no.

NO - please do not mix any kind of alcohol with any kind of medication. You're taking a big risk by doing that. You're also making life a lot harder on your liver.

Annamarie [PRO 80s/90s].
Ask your doctor or the pharmacist.

I had a drink on my 21st birthday when I was on some kind of medication. The pharmacist and doctor said it was okay with the medicine I was taking, just don't drink too much.

I would check before I take that risk though.

No, I wouldn't. Get a pill book from the library or look on Drugs.com about each medication, it has a interaction checker that will tell you if it's dangerous. But........if it was me, I wouldn't drink.

No, especially since you didn't even have the common sense to list all of your meds when you are asking a pretty important question. Why would you risk your health like that when it clearly states on the pres. bttls., "do not take with alcohol" (at least on the gabapentin).
Don't look to a site that is meant for entertainment to validate your wishes to violate the suggestions clearly printed on the pres. bttls. This would be potentially dangerous to your health and I hope you think it through completely.

I wouldn't recommend it because of the fact that the alcohol could speed up the process of the side effects you already have. I would recommend talking to your drs as well to see what they say.


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