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 Should I go to the ER?!?
I’m a little suicidal, i just took 15-20 codein pills, and 5 clonapams. And im starting to cut myself again....

 I have stomach cramps getting worse and worse is it my appendix?
help i am in a lot of pain my girl thinks it might be my appendix i am 28 male, hurts like real pain, only way of releiving is to stop breathing , it hurts when i breathe out and in but if lean ...

 I have this pain in my arms and it hurts as if i lifted smthing heavy even though i haven't. What is it?
I also get a feeling that i need to stretch my body all the time. Please help me!...

 Is it weird?
to like to be in pain. I like it when im sore, my back is really sore right now cuz i threw it out, every time i stand up it hurts but I like this feeling, are other people like this also?...

 Pill stuck in throat?
i took advil's migrane pill. it's an orange jelly-like pill the size of a jelly bean. i took it an hour ago and it's still stuck. it hurts to swallow my salivia, food, and water. what ...

 I'm in pain, and the doctor doesn't even know what it is. HELP?
The left side of my stomach/waist REALLY hurts, it kinda feels like cramps when you're in the middle of jogging.

I can't move that much...I can't even lay down on my bed ...

 I need a docters advice!!!!!.........?
my mom gets this horrible tingling in her hand. and her hand is always cold. she tells me that her hand tingles 24/7 like it would if it was asleep. and she gets very bad pain in her back particuarly ...

 What's wrong with my foot?
I am experiencing very painful throbbing in the top of my right foot. The pain comes and goes but is unbearable when it comes. Does anyone know what this might be?...

 Waking up with Headaches in the Morning?
I seem to always wake up with a cracking headache first thing in the morning, can anyone help as to why?
I tend to get a lot of migraines - could this be anything to do with it? I have seen my ...

 Sound with pain?
I moved a little the other night, nothing strenuous. I heard a loud pop and there was instant excruciating pain in my left side, sort of towards the back. I made my way upstairs in severe stabbing ...

 Severe stabbing pain over right hip feels achy unable to walk or stand for long?
I suddenly got a pain in my right hip last night and it was so severe it made me gasp out loud ive never had this pain before and cant think what it could be as i wasn't moving when i got the ...

 My back ALWAYS ache badly whenever i walk & stand . what's the problem?

 What are those painful bumps you get on the side of your tongue?
are they cankers? i get them on the side of my tongue if i eat something hot or get stressed, what are they?...

 I drank too much last night. I keep on throwing up. What liquids should I take?
I've thrown up maybe 10 times in the last few hours.

I've been trying to sip on water but then after a while I just throw that up too.

What liquid should I take(sip) ...

 HELP!!! I have terrible sinus pressure in my forehead area?
has been hurting for a week now, it was in my face under my cheekbones the first few days, now all the pain is in my forehead area. I can't even lean over or I feel like I am going to pass out ...

 My 3yr old son having tonsilectomy and adenoids removed tomorrow :-(?
any suggestions on making him as comfortable as possible greatly appreciated T...

 Really bad headache?
I have got this really headache at the top of my head towards the back. I took some Tylenol but it is not helping. Does anyone have any suggestions because it is throbbing really bad. Thank you....

 Bump on my neck?
For a few months now i've been noticing, I've had a marble sized bump on the side of my neck,and i can move it alittle.My parents said it would go away on it's own, but it hasn't. ...

 My wrist hurts a lot?
okay so I don't remember injuring my wrist at all but everyonce in a while my wrist will jus start to hurt... and when i touch the top of my wrist right in the middle where i think (?) a tendon ...

 . HELP ! Do you or have you suffered with sever headaches.?
This questiuon is about my husband and his awful headaches.
Brief history- 5 yrs ago he started to get headaches and migranes, went to docs had MRI scan all clear told 1 in 5 people have migrane ...

Burnt My Finger, How Do I stop The stinging?
I Was Messin With Matches And i burnt my finger. The Burnt area is black and slightly White around the black area.
Also The burnt area is Stingin like a B!7(H.
What Do You Rekomend I do to stop The Stinging, Dawg?

Dontknowanything Dude
For me it sounds like a sixth degree burn. It means that all muscle tissue in the area is burned away leaving nothing but charred bone. In some instances the bone tissue may be partially or completely burned away as well though this would require extreme conditions. Sixth degree burns are the highest burn category. Quick medical procedures required.

Spreads Love Like Violenceâ„¢

Vinegar. Just pour it over the burn. Seriously.

Kourtnie Dha name_(LEARN IT)
iweird but try butter

This is going to sound stupid but use Preperation H. It stops the burning. If it works for people with burning hemroids it will work for most burns as well. I know I have used it my self and it worked great.

Put ice on it.

Nikki D
It sounds crazy but it really works...Ambesol. Just put it on there and it helps numb it. My grandma spilled hot grease on her entire hand and put on on there and she said it was amazing.

You have all the answers, and some of it should be available at home. Treat it with the ice , or Aloe Vera it heals well and fast.
That I think will stop you from messing with matches. And be sure to close the cover before lighting matches, they can all catch on fire and burn the hand that holds them .Keep dunking it in cold water. take something for Pain, like Tylenol. Know that you are one with the healing and renewing power of God. This divine Power expresses health and wholeness within you and through you now. Get some sleep while your finger is healing

my mom says to put thoothpaste on it and then put a band aid over it.

Cold water? Aloe Vera?

wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it to your finger for a few seconds at a time

Ridin the storm out
Place your finger in some ice water every 5 minutes or so. Also, butter really helps with this type of burn. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care!

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