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Bad headache when I stand up?
So my head began to hurt a couple days ago (Wednesday). It hurts when I lay my head down on a pillow, and the back of my head throbs with pain when I sit up or stand. The next day (Thursday), I still had a headache and kept getting the chills during my classes at school. I took an excedrin and it helped for about an hour. Today (Friday) I woke up with an extremely sore throat, congested, a fever, and the headache. The fever and congestion are now gone, but the sore throat and headache are still here.
I've take 4 Dayquil pills today so far and the headache hasn't gone away.
What's wrong with me?

♫ No Music, No Life ♫
I do that when i have the flu. My doctor said i was dehydrated, drink a lot of water often, it should go away

I learned this in Science.
It has to do with ur nervous system
It's because ur pulse is very calm when u just lay there but when u get up quick, ur pulse can't follow ur movement so it may hurt and it may feel a little dizzy.... this is what happens to me too, I was laying in the tub and then when I was done, I got up quick and I my head hurt and i felt dizzy

I get that sometimes, like did you stand up to fast or something? Maybe eat some more!!

well your sick.

Sounds like you have a sinus infection. I am prone to those and yes, they do affect the back of the head. That would explain the cold-like symptoms. Try breathing in steam, and also, Advil works better on those as it reduces swelling. You might have to go to the doc for anitbiotics if it doesn't clear up soon.

Water is always excellent when you have a headache.
Also, if there were other issues, do you have problems with
sinuses? Sinus pressure cause headaches, drainage cause sore throat and infection cause fever...Mas agua (more water) and garlic tabs or sinus meds may help.

Dehydration maybe?
try water or tea to hydrate.
Oh and the flu is going around!!!


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