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Edward Cullen
Back pains when jumping on trampoline?
I just got a trampoline. I used it almost all day on monday, none yesterday since it was raining. Today when I go on it, it hurts to jump and do any tricks! It is in my upper back, and I can't stand it! I took a tylenol extra strength, and it didn't help. This morning when I jumped on it, it was fine. Later in the morning it started to hurt, but not badly. Now it hurts really bad! Please help!

i heard jumping on the trampoline is good for your joints. just don't do any flips because you can crack your neck or snap your back. or something.

Its because your back muscles are not used to being used and as you jump you are using you balance, mainly from your back otherwise you would go everywhere,
If you start going on the trampoline more often it uses your muscle more making it more flexible so it stops the pain,
it probably because you haven't been using your back muscles in a while. Nothing to worry about
But if it seems to get worse i would advise to see a doctor.
Hope This Helped

phuk it dude
quit jumping.

Pam H
Well, duh, quit jumping on the trampoline.

You have done too much. Give it a rest and then do just a little until you are used to it.

what you can do is strech be for you jump on the trampoline that's what i do

If you haven't had any recent trauma to your shoulder, neck, or upper back area, then you can probably rule out a broken shoulder blade. If you have had any trauma, then you should probably see your doctor for some X-rays.

It can also be just a muscle strain, or even a muscle tear. You can put undue pressure on your muscles without even noticing by doing things that you normally do on a daily basis. The tearing of the muscle can cause damage to blood vessels causing local bleeding (bruising) and pain. If it doesn't get better, I would go to the doctor.

hey jackliin hey
im sorry but if i where you, id stay off of it for a while.
not trying to scaire you but i got surgery on my back from a trampoline.
please, just stay off it for a few.
rest your back !

u probably used back muscles u r not used to using it shuld be fine give it a few days.

Whenever you do anything athletic for the first time you muscles will ache. It could be more than a simple muscle ache, you might have done some damage. If the pain persists then you should see a doctor.

Luke A
it because your using ur back mucels! i guess just dont jump as much!

Joanna S
Quit jumping for now. You probably stained a muscle. Rest your back for a couple of days and don't do anything vigorous.

Joanie Pony
It sounds like you overdid!! Lay off a bit start slowly and I think everything will be OK

It's probably just because your body isn't used to moving this way. That's hapened to me before. Try stretching really well before jumping on the trampoline, you could have overextended your back muscle. If you stretch before and it still hurts when you jump, take a break for a few days and try again. If it still hurts; see a doctor. Good luck =)

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