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Billy & Tina
Are muscle spasms due from a car accident ?
I was involved in a car accident 2 weeks ago. I am having muscle spasms in my neck and CONSTANT headaches, Is it due from the car accident.

Chance P

could be.wiplash can accur two sometimes even more years later after impact.but you better get a profesionals opinion.thats what i sugest.i was slambed from behind back in the nineties and still have problems with pain.i would give all the money back i recieved from settlements to have this go away.use your pip insurance if you have any if not see if you can use the other drivers insurance.may be just a pinched nerve to go away quickly with a little time and nurturing

midnight kiss23
well i have muscle spasms sometimes and ive never been in a car accident. sometimes it just happens. but what your describing is something you need to get checked out, especially if you got hurt or maybe whiplashed during the accident. hope you feel better :)

Kim B
Sounds like a nice case of whiplash. Many times this is hard to detect. Let your Dr. know ASAP so, that it is covered with the insurance, if there is any. You can get some therapy treatments for that and it does help out but, you need to address this now so that you can get some relief from it. Best wishes in your recovery!!

It probably is. I would go to a Chiropractor, and have an adjustment. You should have xrays to make sure that something more serious happened. Sounds like you have a pinched nerve in your back, neck. It can cause some terrible headaches. If you have never been to a Chiropractor, don't rule them out, because they can help do wonders.

ashley is here
it may be. if the pain continues, you should go to a doctor.

~*All Eyes On Me*~
My sister was in a wreck last year. She was pretty shook up and endured neck and back problems due to the wreck. She did have spasms and headaches all the time also.. u may need to be checked out. She had to go to physical therapy for a while. Good Luck!

diamonds on my windshield
it sounds like you may have whiplash do get it checked out, [the person who just answered "no" was not helpful]

go get some neck xrays, make sure nothing serious..did you have problem before accident?

It sounds like it might be due to the accident. Go see your doctor soon.

Susan Yarrawonga
This sounds very much like muscular trauma. A very severe jolt such as a high speed collision can sometimes displace your muscles and it can sometimes take months and months to get back to normal. Little by little you get better.

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