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mc stacey
Anyone know of any way to relieve toothache for a 3 year old?
tried calpol and ibuprofen. also tried bonjela but none of these are working.
Additional Details
note to mandymew, the kid as you put it has tooth ache cos he has weak teeth. ive taken him to dentist and they dont want to do anything with tooth until they absolutely have to!!!

Put some childrens tylenol o it and rub it on the gums. Instead of waiting for it to go threw his whole body it's right there soothing the pain.

Apart from teething a child of three should not have tooth ache. There is another underlying problem. Also do not forget this is there first set of teeth. Also as mentioned above I would give no medication what so ever to the child. Please take the babes to a dentist.

see a dentist, get it pulled, maybe it needs a filling already.

I agree with others.....the child needs to be seen by a dentist....try a different dentist for a second opinion. Also, Homeopathy can be used on children from three months of age. Go to a good private health shop....they will have manuels from manufacturers (A-Z) and help pin point which remedy would help. ( This stuff really works great on kids!)

Good Luck !

bee bee
best go to the dentist


Bringing them to the dentist would probably help

just put oral gel. and take him to the dentist.

i used to dissolve disprin in cold water and swish it around the bad tooth then spit it out, it really helps.

Other than a dentist, clove oil will relieve the pain naturally

Clove Oil takes away the ache - but stings a bit when you apply it to the gums. Just a temp solution - if its really that sore go to emergency doctors.

Why has a 3year old got toothache?! Take the kid to a dentist

calpol and ibuprofen are the only pain killers that a 3 year old can get without prescription. If the pain is so bad that these dont work then you need to get him to a doctor who may refer him on to a dental hospital for treatment.
No way should your dentist be leaving him to suffer.

rub brandy into its gum that will numb the pain, seriously, not taking the mickey!

Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Kids
guinness it worked for shane mac gowan.and he turned out ok.

You could try putting ambesol on the gum. This did help with my kids. If it's teeth coming through, the pain won't last too long, horrible though it is. If it's the actual tooth, maybe take him to the dentist to check it out. But try the ambesol first.

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