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on how i can feel better? got work in few hours and really feel like crap! plz help
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thanx mulz, done sum light exercise to my music and has helped a bit. ...

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 Home remedies for headaches?
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thank you

. [x] .
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 I've had a headache for almost 48 hours, is this normal? should I do something?

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i'm just worruied about having high blood pressure cause both parents have it. i am only 25 years old and don't want to have high blood pressure....

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 Good morning to every one?

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 I've had the same headache for a week now and last night I was in tears. Help!?
No medicine helps. Not IBProfin, not aspirin, not Tylenol. I've tried drinking lots of water. I did have a bad cold for 2 weeks and I took sinus medicine last night which did not help at all.

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 I have an apses, will a 1/2 bottle off whisky take the pain away?
I`ve tried ambesol, it aint worked, the pain is bad.
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Mazz22, that sounds like a good idea, I`m already thinking about smashing my face against the wall....

 Is there anything I can do to relieve a Tension Headache without resorting to pain-killers?

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20 years old and my bones ache and i hurt all over all the time ??
Im 20 and i ache all the time my bones hurt and just ache all over.
My doctor just gives me anti depresents but i do not take because tthey make me like a zombi. and the doctor says bones dont hurt???? haha. Any idea why im having so much pain ??

♥ Karen ♥
well...my bones do hurt! I'm over 30 and I'm taking some calcium to avoid osteoporosis.

I think you need a different doctor. It never hurts to get a second opinion. If the antidepressants turn you into a zombie, you need to try a different script (I had to try several before I found one that worked for me). You may have advanced arthritis. It could be a back problem. No way to know until you check with a doctor that actually gives a ****.

I would ask your doctor to check you for fibromyalgia. It also causes you to be tired all of the time. You might also want to check for Rheumatoid arthritis.

Growing pains are a figment of the imagination. There has to be a reason for pain and growing isn't one of them. Have to consider and rule out many things.. starting with vitamin shortage. From there the list can get pretty long. Not to overlook a systemic infection.

If your doc didn't take a blood sample, he has overlooked the more severe of the possibilities.

There are also chronic conditions which may stem from genetic origin. Just too many possibilities to throw it into they psychological bin. But depression is the buzz word at this particular time of our medical attitude. These attitudes are rather cyclic. I have been watching them for over a half century now.

You may profit, by having a discussion with a chiropractor. Having a good history taken may establish a real diagnosis for you.

get some blood work done at your doctors office. also get a lymes test done.

Miss Mouse
Check into fibromaylagia. I'm not sure of the spelling.

Talk to your Dr about this, he can order a few simple blood tests to either rule out or pin point the cause if its internal. I think this is the best way to start to find a diagnosis. If he is reluctant to believe you, find and Dr or ask for a rererral to speacialist ... orthapedic surgeon would be best.

princess angel 2207
mabye you have growing pains, my kids still get them and they are 13.

Could be a number of things.

I'd consider seeing another doctor.

Also, eat healthy and try and get some exercise.

Even just a 10 minute jog everyday with the right food will make you feel better.

But, definitely find another doctor and get a second opinion; maybe even a pain specialist.

get checked for Lyme disease

Mind, Body, and Spirit all are connected. What is going on in your life? Are there things emotionally, mentally, or spiritually that you are ignoring. Often your body will speak to you to get your attention- to bring you back to the real issues that you need to deal with. At the same time this can cause deficiencies in the body adding to the problem making the body hurt more. If you do have a depression problem and have been prescribed meds that you do not like taking you may want to try something natural for depression there are a few different options that work well. Depression reduces your B vitamins which can contribute to a number of problems, lack of energy- to much or not enough sleep all affect the body and will make it hurt. As I said before if you seek to help yourself you must choose to look at all of it not just your body that is the last part of you to feel pain but for most of us it is the one thing that makes us stop and think. This is the truth in the purpose that the body serves.

Medical Assistant
Sounds like fibromyalgia see a pain management Dr.

i don't want to scare you because i don't really know, but you need to go see another doctor and ask about lupus.
best of luck, hunni.

What you are experiencing sounds like "fibromyalgia".I am a sufferer and I would suggest you google it and you will find details.Other people have wisely said see another doctor,I agree,and take what you have found on the net and show him.Of course you may have a different condition,so again see doctor.

I love my husband
Check out this site:


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