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Will running help get rid of belly fat?
just started running,dont really want to loose wieght,but get rid of belly fat.could running help,and how much should i run

yeah it will. But you know what will really get rid of belly fat. Crunches and situps

Running will burn fat, but it might burn belly fat slower than fat in your legs or such. If you really want to burn belly fat quickly, try sit-ups or crunches.

Running will help you lose weight - and some of it will be in your belly. If you want to lose fat and build muscle in your stomach - I think you should do sit ups and leg lifts.

(Easy for me to say what YOU should do - while I sit here on my behind - eating a cookie!)

yes it will

and set a goal and start off easy. maybe lik 25 min. and if you really wanna get rid of belly fat add a few ab exercises in there. and to really burn some calories so burst traing.. were you run for about 2 min the sprint for 1 min and run for 2 and back to sprinting..if you do that every other day youll see results

run about 5 kilometer (3.1miles) and after roughly 3 weeks you should be quiet skinny

sofie C
running will burn fat but you need to do more stomach exercises

Running is great for you don't know if it helps with belly fat or not swimming is great.

Running and other types of things like riding a bike or swimming. Any type of exercise helps all aspects of your body. If you like to swim trying running for 45min. and then swim a few laps that will definetely help your belly.

riding will be better i think
as much as you can

yes it will help. cardio activities like running get rid of overall body fat.
I run about 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
of course I'm a slacker like no other so blahh.
But just run at your own pace. I run and then walk, run/walking is what I call it. Run half a lap, walk the rest.
crunches and sit ups will NOT get rid of belly fat. they will tone the muscles. so all you'll have is toned muscles underneath fat.
so you have to do cardio to lose the fat.

just the one
Yes if you do it for long periods of time.

Running or walking is good. I suggest you do target exercises for your lower abdominal muscles.

start with a mile a day and work your way up...dont over do it but yes it will tone tummy fat....try crunches too

Running will definitely help get rid of your excess belly fat. Any type of cardio will expend calories, burn fat, and strengthen your heart. You should run as much as you'd like to, but don't do too much, especially at first, to avoid risking injury.

Sunsets and Roses
Running is an excercise and like anything you do when you move, it burns fat. So yeah.

yes running is great also do other cardio exercises. Try to keep your heart rate up and do it for about 30 minutes a day. You will also have to go on a diet eat about 1200-1500 calories a day. Then do your ab exercises. Actually you will have to lose weight to get rid of the fat so don't worry about it.

syd p
any cardio exercise is going to burn fat, but do some stomach crunches, you need to build muscle, muscle burns fat.

yes it will help but diet is #1 for reducing belly fat

sam zebrow
45 mins a day

Well, it increases your cardio and that helps you lose weight!

sport loving steph
yes running does help
so does swimming.
run for 30 minutes to an hour.

good luck :D

Belly fat is about stress and diet. So be patient and kind to yourself. Eat lots of fiber and drink huge amounts of water. We don't get to pinpoint where we want to lose weight like we can pin point muscle gain. Weight loss is more general. Try lowering your sugar intake, drink at least two liters of water a day, and light cardio four to five times a week. When exercising keep your heart rate at about 40-70% of your personal max. Your personal max is 220 minus your age. Stay in that optimal weight loss zone for at least 20min a day 4-5 times a week. This will boost your metabolism and keep it running at a faster rate all the time, even when you are at rest. You will see your body become more lean in genreal and your core muscles will begin to tighten. Running will definately help, but be patient with yourself. If it comes off too fast it is probably water weight and will return just as fast. The slower it comes off, the longer it stays off.
ps- those that advise you to do lots of crunches don't know what they are talking about. Too much strength training in your belly will cause it to stick out more from muscle gain underneath your little pooch. Light core exercises like pilates are the most effective for growing core strength in women.

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