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Whats the name of the shot that doctors give you when you cut your self with metal?
im not sure if its tendant tednesss something like that

Nancy S
A tetanus shot.

Tetanus shot!!!

tetanus/diptheria Td
adacel a combo of Td and pertussis

ladybug 7
Its called a tetanus shot , and you might have already had one they reccomend that you have one about every 7 years

tetanus shot.


Sounds unanimous to me! :)

Tetanus shot

tetanus shot

tetanus shot


Daniel M
tetanus is the name of the shot, the shot is not for the metal it is to prevent an old world disease - lock jaw. The real issue is that the contamination is usually found in horse or cow dung. Stepping on a sharp object where the contamination may be found can cause an infection and lock jaw.

Now adays, I dont suppose it is a real threat, but the prevention is at a minimal cost - so it is still recommended.

It is called a Tetnus shot.it prevents a condition known as lockjaw

Tetanus Shot

a tetanus shot :-)

It is a tetanus shot to protect against rust-caused ailments and other diseases.

Probably tetanus. Might test for blood poisoning as well.




tetanus shot


Doctor J
Tetanus shot.


Josh H

Candy Noel
Tetanus, I forgot how to spell it, sorry. I'll try again. Tetnaus

Tetanus shot, it gets rid of all the bad bacteria , germs etc. that the metal can give off when iside you.

If a patient is cut by dirty, rusty metal, as a precaution physicians usually give he/she a tetanus shot to prevent lock-jaw.

I believe it is Tetanus shot.


Robert S
Tetanus. The CDC recommends that adults receive a booster vaccine every ten years.

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is a rare, serious, and preventable disease that affects the body's muscles and nerves. It often arises from a skin wound that becomes contaminated by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, which is often found in soil. It is not contagious.

Once the bacteria are in the body, they produce a neurotoxin (a protein that acts as a poison to the body's nervous system) known as tetanospasmin that causes muscle spasms. The toxin first affects nerves controlling the muscles near the wound. It can travel to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymph system. As it circulates more widely, the toxin interferes with the normal activity of nerves throughout the body, leading to generalized muscle spasms. Without treatment, tetanus can be fatal.

tetanus. u need one every 10 years. if you cut or pierce your skin with something rusty, i believe you need to get another shot.

robin b
tetanus. They last approx 7-10 years. Usually given in the arm, and yes they hurt. Ouch!

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