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Bridget A
What do meth labs smell like?
I just want to know so i can stay away from it and avoid smelling it. I've read that it's dangerous to inhale that stuff, but i've read so much in the news about it, i'm asking so if i know what it is, ai can get far away from it.

they smell like meth

Hi. Like a strong solvent.

um, they don't smell pretty. If you smelt a meth lab you probably wouldn't stick around to keep smelling it.


This will help


strong chemicals. but not like paint.

My friend knows from experience, the smell is so overwhelming it causes most people to puke.

My friend tears down homes, that need to be rebuilt, and they had a hidden meth lab in this one home, and he decided to blow it up in the bathroom....haha everyone ran out of the house and some people puked right away.

Meth labs have a strong amonia or rotten egg odor.

you smell like butthole
It's not like you are going to just stumble upon one. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

I wish I had love.
Meth smells like someone is cooking chemicals. you'll know , it doesn't smell like someone's cooking spaghetti. If you think someones cooking meth around you get out of there, especially if it's your 11 year old in the her room.

trust me babe, you never accidentally walk into a meth lab lol, lets say you do, you will find it really dirty, but it has Chemistry equipment like Erlenmyer Flasks, and graduated cylinders, or burettes, or w/e, YOU WILL KNOW lol.

they smell like meth would be my guess. I have never accually smelt a meth lab before.

Ann N. Cephalic
like strong cat pee

Mizz SJG
They smell like a perm.

They usually smell like cholorine and acid that burns your nose hairs, lol. It is probably dangerous, over a period of time, but if you just pass by, i bet you wont even get a cough.

lil laurie michael and tony 4
I used to make meth and it was a chemical smell so strong it would literally take your breath away. I have lung cancer now because of inhaling some of the things that are in meth. Scary huh? I have been clean away from meth for 7 years now. I love life and my kids again.

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