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Bob Boblaw
Is it ok for humans to take cephalexin, the dog painkiller?
I bruised my rotator cuff, and im in severe pain. Im freshly out of college and im not currently insured to go to the doctor yet, so im looking for relief.

olivia w
dont know if they have that as a drug for humans but if your taking a dose for another species of anything its not safe. i found that out in a reverse situation this nut job vet had me giving my dog 4 regular benadryl a day and i found out when i took the dog to a different vet that you arent really supposed to give benadryl to a dog at all and definitely not that much as their histamines are not located in the same place as humans. ill never forgive myself for making that poor dog feel worse then she was already and all it took was a cortisone shot which i kept telling the other vet she need to make her better and she had instant relief when the vet gave it to her. if your not insured go to a free clinic they can probably help you find a way to afford an needed treatment.

NO! Animals use different levels of pain management that would probably cause you a lot of grief. You would do just as well with alternating heat and ice packs, take some aspirin or Tylenol or ibuprofen, but leave the doggy medicine alone.

Nurse Annie
For years, humans have been taking the antibiotic, Cepahlexin (or it's oral=, Keflex) often used for staph infections, but has a load of uses.

It's also inexpensive because it's been around for so long.

don't do it!

notice they call it a DOG painkiller?

if you take it you could grow a really long nose
and lots of fur
and paw pads

no way
u can't use a dog's antibiotic to kill ur pain and ya girls may say that males are dog but don't u take it seriously

It made my dog throw up. I wouldn't take any dog medication. Take Ibprophen.

Dina N
Why not try icing 3-4x/day and take advil or motrin every 4 hours. Use sling to protect/keep it from moving also from gravity pull.

I don't know about that drug. Weird thing I heard some people take fish antibiotic.

You didn't state how you injured your rotator cuff. You could have torn them (SITS muscle tendons). It may require surgery.

its not a pain killer, and never take dog medication, and never give your dog human medication. While cephalexin is an antibiotic for both humans and dogs, the inactive ingredients can be different. Also, the fact that you have extra cephalexin laying around means you misused your dogs perscription and put the dogs life at risk as well as contributing to the spread of resistant bacteria. ALWAYS FINISH AN ANTIBIOTIC PERSCRIPTION!!!!!!!!


the medication you are referring to is an antibiotic. people dogs, cats, horses, etc take it for infections. it wont relieve your pain. you can try over the counter motrin 800 mg, most OTC motrin are sold as 200 mg, so you can take 4. Take 800 mg three times a day, for added pain relief, include tylenol, theyt come in two doses, 325 mg and extra strength 500 mg. you can take 1000/975 mg three times a day with the motrin, or alternate motrin now then tylenol 4 hours later, then mortirn 4 hour later then tylenol 4 hours later and so on. you should be feeling better in a few days, plus drink lots of water.

That's an antibiotic.

Cephalexin is not a pain killer, it's an antibiotic. I recommend taking something like Tylenol or Ibuoprofen, or if you've tried that with no relief, you should be seen just in case there is more wrong with you than just a bruised rotator cuff.

OK for starters there are free pain clinics every where so i have a feeling that you just don't want to go...your just like my fiance "look and see whats in the medicine cabinet that might work"....second of all IT'S FOR A DOG!!!!! that should have been your first instinct...how much college have you had if your questioning whether or not to take medication prescribed to an animal, and if your in that much pain and you have no other resort than to take anti biotic medication for a dog look me up and I'll personally give you a percocet j/k that's against the law but the best advise i can give you is to take it easy, use heat not ice all though ice will bring the swelling down it will hurt on your bruise and heat will help more with your pain....you can look on the Internet and find a free clinic all states offer state insurance such as title 19, and gamp which is what i am currently on otherwise you have no choice it's hi ho hi ho it's off to the ER you must go where I am pretty sure that will shoot you up with some morphine for the pain but whatever you do don't take the DOG PAIN KILLER.....otherwise known as an anti-biotic

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