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I just drank an entire bottle of caster oil out of boredom. Am I going to die?

what the hell is wrong with you and seek medical help

No, but but don't get too far away from the bathroom.

no you arent going to die but you are going to be going number 2 ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


hope you have a toilet nearby....wherever you go!!!!!

i dont think so but you may get sick and very fat! try to throw up, i guess it would help in case it may kill you =)


Not from the Caster Oil,

Perhaps from the explosion when you
blow the lid off the commode......................

english rose
are you for real

No, you're going to turn inside out.

No, but you'll be throwing up for the rest of the day. Just don't lie on your back or you'll choke to death.

No, but you won't have much of a life other than in the bathroom for a while. I drank an entire bottle to go into labor because I didn't know how much was enough, and it didn't kill me. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis any more than I would take laxatives on a regular basis because they will eventually affect your body.

Hell no you are way to Tought for that.

The Castor oil won't kill you but your Mom might become highly upset if you don't clean the commode after you stop squirtin' !!!!!!!! ROFLMAO heehaw

Of course not, silly! You may want to stay near a toilet however,for the next 48 hours (minimum), because you could have it coming out both ends... You must be extremely bored, and/or constipated!

virginia o
no you will just **** a lot

i don't know.... I'll try and will tell you if we're going to die! LOL!

No you will not die, you will only WISH you would by the time you get out of the bathroom!

joe king 02
Sorry no


Malfoy vs Potter
its good for you

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
No but you better grab a nice thick book and head for the toilet REAL SOON ! lmfho :)

no but be ready to spend some quality time with the toilet

On the "Am I going to die?" bit. No, you will not die, but you will be in the bathroom hoping you died.

Castor oil is a known laxative. Thus you will have severe diarrhea and the oil will cause you to get dehyrdated. Castor oil will cause your body to soak up all the water and push it out, so you will need to drink more. Thus you should start drinking alot of water and also try drinking a water/salt or a saline water mix to prevent getting dehydrated.

If you develop rashes or are in the bathroom 12 hours later, after drinking the oil please visit a doctor as you may end up giving yourself some sort of lower abdominal infection.

Coming from a medical perspective what you just did is completely stupid, other than that I do not know what quite to say, never heard of anyone doing something like this. Please seek pyschological help ASAP.

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