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Does getting your teeth pulled hurt?

I just recently got my tooth pulled and i didn't feel a thing, well only a lil pulling and tugging but no pain. Just make sure you are given the right amount of novacain. Oh! the worst part is the blood and the gauze that is put in your mouth afterwards. It is disgusting!

I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I was put out, so no. I did have another tooth that had to be pulled and it did not hurt, however before the dentist started he made sure that I was filled with novocaine. Be sure to take care of yourself after. I made sure I had pain pills on hand, and I followed all the instructions that were given for the aftercare. I also used ice packs before I had swelling. Hope this helps you out.

yes it does

It hurts alittle bit, unless the put you to sleep.

Pain in my neck, pain in my eye pain all over my head. I think my tooth was infected. So I went to the dental school to get it extracted. (It was the second tooth from the rear, on the bottom right.) Anyway I got there an the dentist injects my gums with anesthesia several times. And right before he injects my palate he warns me that he could possibly rupture my sinus cavity. So I'm like WTF!!!

Finally he begins to slice open my gum to remove the tooth. But my roots are so tough he's just keeps yanking but it doesn't come loose. Before he tries something new he warns me, (again), "this is going to hurt like H." He picks up what looks like is a set of pliers from Home Depot and rips the tooth out. Blood was everywhere. It was horrible... then he started on my second tooth. Next time I'll just shoot myself!

Don't lissen to anyones stupid answers who say yes. No it does not hurt. You might think that getting your tooth pulled means that they rip it out. No! They numb you and take it out very slowly. You might feel some pressure and the sound of your tooth coming up is a bit weird but it does not hurt.

Yes, but only for a second. I used to actually enjoy the sensation afterwards because there's kind of a natural high you get.

If the dentist numbs your gums first, the pain from the needle will be worse than actually getting your teeth pulled.

Just a little pressure though I've had to have them kneeling down on my chest so they could have something to push against when it's a really tough tooth.LOL! Good luck!:)~

I had my 2nd molar pulled on Saturday and also my 3rd molar was surgically removed and no, neither hurt but I did feel some pressure. The numbing medication that I was given didn't hurt either because I went to a really good, qualified dentist and he made sure that I was compfortable before starting the procedure. So, don't let ppl on her trick you into thinking that it will hurt and etc. just b/c you may have to get your teeth hurt because it doesn't they are just trippin' so hope this helps and good luck! Also, I will say that 3 days post-op my mouth/gum is extremely sore but I have Lortab 10 to take I just haven't wanted to really take it but I dd manage to go shopping yesterday but I slept for nearly 2 days after the procedure.

No it should not really hurt. You will feel pressure though.They will use Novocaine to numb it and sometimes you can get laughing gas which will also help. Afterwards They will also give you pain pills like Hydrocodone. You will probably be in pain for several days afterwards. Remember to follow their directions very carefully.So that you won't get a dry socket I heard they are very painful.

I have had 3 teeth pulled and they didn't hurt. The key is to be knock out. They will ask if it hurts, and if it does they will give you more pain killer. If they allow you, bring a CD to listen to. Good luck!!

yes it does hurt... it hurts alot

Then only part that hurts is keeping your mouth open for so long. It's going to be sore the next day, but actually having them pulled isn't painful. They might even knock you out so you don't even have to feel having your mouth open for so long. The worst ones to have pulled are your top molars. They go pretty far up into your skull. But that still doesn't hurt that bad. Especially with locals and gas.

yep. not then but later.

yeah, a little..

Susan S
Now, what do you think?

No it doesn't hurt, you only feel pressure.
What does hurt tho is the injection into the roof and gums. That hurt like a mo-fo.

In 7th grades I have to pull out my baby silver teeth .

moose man
no it feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... good

No not at all if the use novacain. And its not that bad after either. I just had one pulled a few weeks ago. The being scared about it was worse then actually having it done. I fel nothing when they pulled it.

If you are in fear of going to the dentist in general, look into sedation dentistry. It has done wonders for me. I am sedated each time I visit the dentist for root canals, crowns and teeth extractions. You have absolutely no pain and no memory of actually having procedures done on you. I had three crowns and two root canals the same day!

Alot of it depends on the dentist. If you have a good dentist, it usually will not hurt. After you get them pulled you should follow your dentists instructions to keep from getting dry socket. VERY

a lottttttttt my dear i have experienced it!!!!!!!!

only if they don't numb you up first!

Actually, when I had teeth pulled, I think the hardest part was hearing the sound .... EEEWWW!

I had one of mine done last year. No it didn't really hurt because of the numb injection - that hurts more. The thing that did bother me was the crunching sound it made when pulled out

Only if you're still alive when the pull them.

If they put you to sleep, no... if you get numbed up, might... If your parents are tying a string to the tooth, and pulling the door, yes...

Just make sure to have Asprin next to you whichever method you choose.

Village Idiot
It really depends on the teeth being pulled...

If it's a Primary Tooth (Baby teeth) there will be pain, but it's short-lived (my son had 7 pulled in one day and went to play baseball the next day)

If it's an Adult tooth, they have much longer roots, and it's required to go a little deeper to extract them.

Does it hurt? I'm not going to lie to you... after the anaesthesia/numbing wears off, it's going to ache... usually for a couple of days... but the doctor usually gives you some fairly stong pain medication to help with it.

Granted, having a tooth pulled hurts FAR less than having one impacted, or rot... so, if the dentist says you should have it pulled... believe him. The alternatives are far worse.

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