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Worried I'm seriously ill?
On wednesday evening I drank to excess.I was completely plastered.I went to bed but when I woke up the next morning I still felt drunk despite it being 12 hours after I had drank my last drink. Anway throughout the day I felt funny.It's hard to explain so let me give you some examples. I decided to go shopping and I went to tesco put my shopping in my trolley and then thinking I had already paid I walked out of the store holding the basket! I got stopped by security but didn't care when normally I'd have been terrified.I walked out of the store after paying for my stuff and I forgot where I'd just been until I saw my carrier bags.When I got home I started crying for no reason.I keep going to the loo without using toilet paper.I can't understand people when they ask me questions.I thought I'd be ok today but when I got up this morning I put on my dirty clothes and walked out of my halls and ordered a taxi. I never order a taxi to get to uni!
Additional Details
was about to walk to uni in my pyjamas!After uni I went into Asda and this time paid for my shopping but I started packing away someone else's shopping! My mates were so embarrassed by me! I feel physically sick,dizzy and extremely light headed. I can write fine but I can't speak properly.I think it might be lack of sleep as I have had very little sleep these last few days and feel very tired or it might be the alchohol.Maybe someone spike my drink? I just don't know. Do you think I could be seriously ill? I'm acting so weird it's so upsetting but atleast I KNOW I'm acting weird!

I just want to feel normal again but I feel like I do when I'm drunk only it is physically possible for me to be drunk
.Don't tell me to got to the doctor's I'm asking you to tell me what things might bring about these sort of symptoms

groovy chick
will have to go to the docters otherwise you wont know whats wrong. it mght be u drank 2 much and the drink might be spiked

you really need to get some sleep, you sound like you are suffering from exhaustion. go to the docs to put your mind at rest and get an early night with a cup of hot milk. xx

drinking is a depressent so this is why the next day you feel low. it can also cause short term memory loss...its likely that your body is not designed to handle alcohol and if you end up feeling this way after drinking...you have to ask yourself...is it worth it? if i was you i wouldnt drink and if you have these symptoms even when dont drink alcohol, then i'm afraid you have no choice but to seek help from your dr...thats what they are there for.good luck.

If you are really that worried you must see a doctor. Spiked drinks would not be any worse for you than getting blotto, it would just limit the amount of alchohol you could consume. Seems you are still suffering from achohol poisoning. You must be aware of the dangers. Today and every single day In NHS hospitals there are expected to be 1,222 seperate cases of alcoholic liver disease, intoxication, drink-related mental or behavioural disorders or drink related injury. Carry on excessive drinking at your peril.

you're suffering from insomnia. Drink LOTS of water, relax yourself from anything that requires you to do heavy thinking. Just take some nitequil and get some rest!!

This just sounds like lack of sleep and your liver asking for time off.Don't sweat it lad just get a good nights sleep with a couple of pints of WATER down you you'll be right as rain in the morning.

its all in your head, you're probably really tired

i think you are very ill. you say dont tell you to go to the doctors but i really think you should!! good luck! =]

brummie emma
was u watchin ur drink ALL night it mite have been spiked go the drs and watch what u drink next time not worth ruinin ur nite 4 that extra pint

go and see your doctor and have him/her run some tests to see if there is a more serious problem than just some confusion due to drinking far too much alcohol.

in the meantime, take some vitamin C. Orange or pineapple juice is the nest as it gets absorbed more quickly than vit c tablets.

This will sober you up no end if it is just the alcohol after a few glasses. also, drink plenty of water and don't toiuch another drop of alcohol for at least a week to give your body chance to recover.

if you can remember all this and write this coherently then clearly there isn't anything that seriously wrong with you - just stop worrying and try and drink lots of water, eat properly and get some rest and you'll be fine in no time.

You sound like your half asleep, have a nice long sleep, take some time to relax, detox a little, just drink water for a couple of days, try to avoid taking any pills to get to sleep or anything, just rest your body, if you wake up feeling terrible sitll then get yourself off to a doctor.

First, if you really drank a lot, feeling drunk 12 hours later isn't unusual. You must have been really plastered, but it's entirely possible to feel that way. Second, you'll probably go through some withdrawal and get shakes and anxiety.

It could be you were slipped a drug, but one thing alcohol does is screw with your potassium levels. If your level is very low, you can feel dizzy and disoriented.

So, you have two choices. You could go to the emergency room and have some blood work done and they can give you some nutrients and potassium and help you to feel better.

Or, if you refuse to see a doctor, don't drink alcohol, take in a lot of water (replenish your fluids), eat bananas and raisins - both high in potassium - and when you're ready get some other food into your body. Also, if you like it, get some low-sodium V8 juice. V8 is loaded with potassium. Drink as much of that as you can manage. The emergency room would be best, but you said you didn't want to be told that.

Good luck!

well then the doctor...

I agree with the general concensus: Go and see your Doc. You could have had your drink spiked.

are you sure you haven't been on drugs? I've known people to take exctasy and have less eventful day afters
either way you should really stop binge drinking if it has got to that point, its bad for physical and mental health


Maybe a drink was spiked, you had best go se the doctor.

dont buy any new clothes ,your on the way out!

You are still drunk.
Some people it takes longer for the drug to get out of your system. You must be one of these people.
Change what drug is your drug of choice.

Eat something with breads to soak up the drug.

go to doctor

Emma G
maybe you drank so much that your body is still drunk??

aires69uk OFFICIAL
Okay so which doctor would you like me to be? Dr Foster, Dr Spock or Dr Martins?

Go and see a friggin' REAL doctor and stop asking such dumb question here. You could have diabetes or you could be pregnant - who the fcuk knows. Go to a doctor!

Ok you don't want to hear go to the doctor, But the way I am understanding is that this has been going on since Wed? Sleep deprivation and/or stress can do strange things to people. Is it possible for you to just get a good 12hours of sleep? But I must say that all the mental confusion and disorientation could in fact be signs of something more serious going on... I think you are right to be worried but if you are dead against going to the doctor, then I would suggest you get some sleep, eat a proper meal and drink plenty of fluids to flush out any toxins you may have in your system

Prophet 1102
Sleep and drink a lot of water.

And quit binge drinking - you can die from alcohol poisoning.

Maryn Bittner
It sounds to me like you've either ingested a toxin or other mind-altering substance/drug, or have had a "cerebral incident" like a mini-stroke.

Doctor. Today.

You say we shouldn't tell you to go to the doctor,but you started your question with "worried I'm seriously ill." If you really are worried about that, you need to go to a doctor. Sorry, but that's the best thing to do when you think you might be ill. You certainly can't be sure you're getting good advice here from a bunch of strangers who might mean well but who do not have medical training.

x Zo x
Talk to your doctor...Good Luck

james b
Could be blood clot ring NHS direct if dont wont to go to doctor here the number 084504746 they are really helpful..

Shaun the Sheep
It sounds like you've been drugged.

Talk to your doctor and watch your drink when you're out - spiked drinks are very common.

go to the doctor

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