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Why would a 7 year old girl stink of sweat?
im very serious about this so can i have serious answers (pretty please) its about my youngest daughter she`s only 7 but shes started to reek of sweat under her arms i keep her clean she has a bath at night and a shower before school she wears a clean uniform for school and gets changed in the after noon to play out. I can`t understand it , little kids sweat isn`t supposed to smell like that is it?`ive had to start letting her use my deodorant but i`m not 100% if its ok to use it at that age
Additional Details
your all being really nice i half expected a load of insults to those who said it down to hygene she has a bath and a shower i can`t realy get her in there more than that puberty did cross my mind but i thought she was to young i will take her to get checked its a bit embarassing forherthats why we didnt go before

HELLO!!! she's playing isn't she. Everyone sweats honey!!! ever tried putting deodorant under her arms. Personal Hygine plays a key role in this. If u want her to stop sweating, try Degree, Secret, Arm&Hammer, Tussy,ect

Karen W
It maybe lots of hormones producing in her body.

She maybe getting a lot of hormones from what she's eating.
A lot of foods have chemicals such as chicken which makes the little chick really big too soon. The chemicals in our fruits and vegetables. These make you sick. Experts are now saying that these chemicals interfere with the way our hormones in our body work.

You can use deodorant and perfume on her at the age, and continue to let her take regular baths.

I use deodorant and perfume at 7, not because of sweat, but because I wanted to use everything my mom used. In fact, because I started early, I never had a bad smell under my arms ever.

You can take her to the doctor of course to rule out any other serious problem, but an sure they will tell you to use deodorant and perfume once they confirmed that everything else is okay.

Best of luck to you and yours.

Please check out her diet. Maybe something she's been eating is being excreted through her pores (garlic?). Maybe some kind of spice that you use (curry?). Also, please do not use adult deodorant on your little girl. They have many additives that are not soluable in the human body (aluminum chlorohydrate). It would be better to use something called Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. This product uses natural mineral salts to deodorize. You can purchase this even at Walmart in spray or roll on. Very inexpensive.

M<3 J
umm..yeah make her use deoderent and perfume

you are what you eat, diet, can have an influence, she also may have a medical problem with overactive sweat glands, get to the docs asap, stop using deoderant, use good old fashioned soap and water
check out your laundary products ,she may be alergic to the conditioner,etc, regards LF

My son has the same problem, he's now 8, I asked our GP and he said dont worry its natural.I buy Pitrock deodorant that doesnt contain aliminium. Now he's as fresh as a daisy!

I would take her to your g.p just to be sure, she may just be developing early its not so uncommon! Dont let her use your deodrant without consulting with your doctor first, there not designed for young people. If shes having problems in school (which I know little kids can be very nasty about things like this) then give her a pack of wet-ones she can wipe herself down at break and lunch times.

puberty my cousion was 9 when she started

helen g
I think it is only antipersperant you need to wory about...

Is ok for you to put deodorant on her. You should find a mild kind to put on her and make sure she wash it off at night. My lil girl is 7 and she is the same way. She isn't over weight but is very busy with sports. I work in the school systems and some children develop faster then others. I work with grades 3-8 and some of those kids......
But to be on the safe side just take her to the doctor. Just look at it as a sigh that she is growing up and you know what is coming so.... just be prepare to talk to her and please try to stay open minded.

maybe she has a health problem.
get her checked out hun

puberty it happens to different people at different ages, try buying "teen sprit" or something like that instead of your deodorant and if you are that uncomfortable with it ask the doctor

Is she drinking enough water?

Clown Knows
Try changing what she eats. Try cutting back on junk foods, cookies, sugar, cereal, cold cuts, too much meat.

Maybe she's going to be an early developer...........but to put your mind at rest you should ask your GP

ms sensible
OK using deodorant should be fine for a girl of that age i certainly would. the threat of being called smelly by her peers would be far more damaging. with regards the actual smell id say shes allergic to something. probably somethings she eating maybe something else like a type of clothing or a specific product. take her to a doctors and ask for a load of allergy tests.

§ gαввαηα §
The best bet would be to ask your doctor !!!

Definatly get her checked out... Good luck!!

maybe she is under stress or something or does a lot of sports. though i would check it too honey. deodorant should be OK to use at that age.

maria bartoninfrance
It sounds like the onset of puberty. If you are really worried take her the G.P, but I guess they will say the same thing.
If you are worried and don't like using chemical anti perpirants or deodorants then pop along to a natural health shop and they will find something suitable.
Good luck.

take her to the doctors

That is kinda young. You should talk to her pediatrician about it.

I would say probably an overactive gland or glands take her along to see the doctor it may even be nervousness

My daughter is 7 also and when she plays hard she sweats, and when she sweats, she smells. Diet plays a big role in the odors we emit (ever shared an elevator with someone who reeked of garlic? It probably wasn't their breath!). It could also be hormones starting to kick in (though puberty is probably still a ways away for her, the process starts early). Hormones in milk have been shown to speed up the onset of puberty, so try switching to an organic milk. Keep her clean (though a bath and a shower every day seems excessive to me), look for a mild deodorant but avoid antiperspirants as they block sweat glands and can cause other problems in someone that young, and next time you visit the pediatrician ask for his or her advice.

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