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Why shouldn't you take aspirin on an empty stomach?
I don't want to have to find some food, and I have a bad headache and I broke my ankle a week ago and I just knocked it against a table side on accident and it hurt like hell. Do I REALLY have to eat before I take the aspirin, or will I be alright?

Rick M
You must eat something & What's the big deal?? Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

I think it might do some damage to your stomach lining. I don't know about aspirin, but I have a really bad sinus infection. The doctor gave me 3 different pills: Mucinex, Sudafed, Antibiotics and a cough suppressant. I took them on an empty stomach. Bad idea! I got a headache, I felt really dizzy and I got sick to my stomach. Just eat, like, a bowl of ice cream or something. Don't risk it. It's not fun.

P.S. Please watch your language.

Yeah its gonna hurt if you take it alone since it and stomach acid alone is reacts and causes pain. A small sandwich or something should do it good though.

1st baby due Dec, ITS A BOY!!
you can but to much can cause tummy problems aspirin can eat a hole in your stomach. Just be safe if you feel ill eat crackers. The food make the aspirin easier to digest

larry m ♥
If you take asprin on an empty stomach for a long period of time, it will eat a hole in your stomach lining. Just taking it like you did will just upset your stomach, nothing to worry about.

You will most likely be alright if you take some on an empty stomach. They say that because people with sensitive stomachs will not feel good because the aspirin will burn stomach lining if its not mixed up with food.

:) Lucy (:
The odd time won't really hurt, but continually doing so will.. Once or twice is okay, its if you do it multiple times a day, everyday that it will do damage. It can lead to a stomach ulcer. I have a stomach ulcer, they are NOT nice at all.

Edit: To the lady further down, there is nothing wrong with her language, don't be so condescending.

you should at least have a couple of crackers, asa (in asprin) is hard on the stomach lining, as are tylenol and advil :)

I heard a while back, that it isn't the best thing for the lining of your stomach... I'm not sure if that's true though.

Aspirin can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding, its best taken with or after food,could you not take another painkiller, such as paracetamol? Good luck.

van kedileri
aspirin irritates the stomach lining, but it is not really all that bad

Aspirin is in a group of drugs called salicylates...in lamens it increases the acids content in your stomach...so on an empty stomach it could caause stomach bleeding.

Mr. F
You'll be fine. Just drink lots of water or milk.

just take the aspirin. i live on excedrin migraine and you;re only supposed to take two a day and i sometimes take four. i'm still alive and kicking!

you'll be alright take it. It'll help take the pain away from your foot and refocus it on the ulcer developing in your stomach lining. it's fine...just take it!

Chronic use of aspirin of an empty stomach and create stomach ulcers.

Aspirin is composed of an acid and it sometimes will cause stomach irritation because of this.

It will likely not cause too many problems if you only take it once in a while on an empty stomach -- but to make a habit of it can cause irritation that you won't like.

Idiot kid
Aye, ye will feel seasick, mate. Ye don't have to, but it be better fer ye.

Sometimes it makes your stomach hurt if you dont.

Aspirin, like any other pill, will irritate your stomach.

When you eat foods, they churn in your stomach and turn into harmless acids that dissolve more foods and digested things, until excreted. So, when you eat something before taking an Aspirin, there are more acids inside your stomach to help dissolve the Aspirin, reducing the irritation that it can have on your stomach and stomach lining.

If you don't eat before taking an Aspirin, you may get some stomach irritation, followed by a stomach ache, but it shouldn't be too severe. But, I would recommend having at least a small snack before taking one, or any other pill, for that matter.

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