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Why is my life so depressing.?
Why it is that I look at my life and I feel so empty as if there no end to tomorrow. Why it is that I am engulfed by my own life. Is there a reason why we go through all these trouble that we face in my life. Is there a goal at the end of the tunnel

Your life is so depressing because you let it be so depressing. If you don't want it to be, then stop feeling so empty!

you should go towards the god and god would definetly help you ? you should take busy yourself with any work and not to think any negative thinking. then you feel a great happiness and joy.

god bless you?

mrs. h
Not that I don't have troubles, because I do! But I handle them much differently now that I am an active Christian. God has a plan for everyone, and when you stop trying to obtain your own dreams, and start trying to fulfill God's will for your life, you will find true happiness in doing what you were destined to do.

u r creative

try learning a creative wrk in ur neighbour hood

do up help just 4 fun

Life can be quite **** sometimes [or most of the time], but the thing is, is that we're put on this Earth to feel.
There's really no purpose, but think about who would care if you commited suicide [if you're thinking about it].
Even if you think about the people who you think care about you the least, they may care about you so much, they don't know how to express it.
Why do you think I would be replying to this?
Not because I'm bored.
But because I noticed.
Because I ******* care, man!

Sometimes life can be depressing, its apart of the trip. It makes you stronger...because people who are alone and find happiness are people who can be happy with themselves. Find a hobby. Find something you like. Get out there. Leave you emotional baggage behind. Your life is what YOU are going to make of it.

life is depressing man... it really is... you jsut have to step back and take a look at all of things that are good. find the beauty and love in the world... it will help you feel better... and you should go get some help... not even help... jsut someone to talk to, someone that wont judge you, and someone that will help you feel better... ive been to a psychiatrist before... theyre not all that scary and shameful... you'll come out wiht a whole new perspective on life... hang in there man

this is because u by your own hands have made it so.

i dunno mine is too

im wit u on this question...

Smile and look forward. Everybody has problems, the tick is try not to think about them and try to see something good on us & people. My advice: think about something that you like or enjoy during the day: talk with a friend, watch TV, read a book ... and look forward for it during the day, this will help you to forget the bad stuff. Before going to sleep, don't think about your problems, concentrate in a beautiful place or thing and you will have nice dreams. Go outside a lot and make exercise. Yoga is good.

Everyone goes through this stage. I recently got out of it, but one of my dearest friends is still part of it. Her mom is very ill, she has a friend dying of leukemia right now, and two of her friends have recently come back home after time in the mental hospital.

Everyday, despite her living 900 miles away from me, I try to help her out with her troubles. I'm like her brother, but even what I do doesn't help her. She allows herself to be depressed. She won't allow herself to be happy, even with all the hardships taking place.

There is a goal at the end of everyone's tunnel. But you don't see it yet. I don't either. We both, along with so many other people in this world, have a long life ahead of them. Just live your life to the fullest (legally, haha), and someday, you will be rewarded. Give it time.

Good luck to you.

Maybe u can answer ur own question.Look back at ur own past and correct the mistakes u have commited and start afresh.

Maybe you should think about the good things in your life, not the bad things. Did something maybe happen to you when you were younger, like a close friend or relative dying? Find something that interests you and make a goal. It will get your mind off bad things.

all of us are here on earth to learn and progress and till we complete our lesson assigned to us for this life we have to keep on going whether depresiion or excitation sorrow or joy all that is part of the lesson if you know this you will not be depressed.as Shakspeare said we all are like actors on this stage of the earth and play our parts as per the wishes of the Almighty and when HE feels we have go back you may have to play the role of a depressed person.

depends how old you are. teenagers are naturally depressed. I grew out of it, maybe you will too. If it's more serious than that you should see a councillor. Life might have it's ups and downs but there are people who have it so much worse.

take one day at a time, for get the past and move on. the grass is always greener on the other side

I know why it is depressing: You don't have a girl to love. I am sure that when you will find her, she would give you a purpose in life, and that is making her happy.

Its because you haven't got to where you have wanted to be in life. Maybe it would help if you just looked at the small things you have already accomplished in life.Think of where you want to be in life ten years from now. Set your goals and stick to them. Just take small steps toward your goals. Finish small tasks first. Good luck.

no picture
You shouldn't feel that way because everyone has to have some good times. ou should meet new people and try new things (good ones).

The reason is pretty simple. You have understood the true nature of life. This is the beginning to the understanding that there is something more to life than money and women. True happiness cannot be derived from material sources and for that case,even humans are material.I don't want to sound complex. there is something within you,which when realised gives you eternal bliss. Its the spirit. Start practising meditation. you wont feel the emptiness any more. you will understand the purpose behind your birth.

dont think of ur life as like that. try to look up for brighter sides of life. u know, they are many unlucky people in this world who truns their lucks to be as lucky as they can, because they never give up. and so do you. never give up, start setting up a rules for u to live by,and just simply enjoy life.

Sometimes our expectations are too high, and we've not yet learned to be humble, and happy/thankful for what we have, even if it seems very little. Takes a while, but you'll get it. Remember, you attract what you give off. If you're more happy and content, you'll attract like wise.

gee, aren't you miss sunshine. Life has problems, learn to enjoy simple pleasures. If you need help, see the shrink, get some prozac. Tomorrow is another day, get a new hobby.

are you of the world-disclosing or the problem-solving?
the end of the tunel is a change of time.

big boss
because you are depressed

you isolate to much,, forget about yourself and go help some one that has a real problem ,, that will mke you stop feeling sory for yourself

nothing is easy no more my friend i know how you feel belive me on this ?

thats true think of people who have it worse than u, with no roof over their heads, or hot meals whenever they want, ur life life may not be so great now but trust me it will get better, and at least be thankful for the stuff u do have...

Bro you are right. Life is troubling and empty the way you seen & making trouble less and full fill is in you hand.

Bro, try to do this, which I have when I feel my life is depressed. I use go for long drive or boat or fishing or stand near beach where water is winding and which changes my mind and I get relive from the depression.

I also feel sometime leave to all my friends & relatives back. But late I realize they are only who are there for me always.

And always Bro, try breath fresh air near seashore. I feel same as you feel now. But I Never shows my depression to my love one as it my life and I am the one who made.

Bro, I work in customer support I am depressing with it where I meet daily with troubles.

I wish you all best and hope you are relive soon from it.

Thanks for reading -> -> -> Ziahad

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