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Taylor H
Why is it called your "sweet 16th"?

Because Americans just think that is the age where you are mature. But I have no idea why.

to make spoild girls feel better on there 16th b-day

Because spoiled girls get a sweet party for their 16th birthday.

It's just an age old cliche. People always regarded 16 as the age when a girl crosses over to become a woman. That's how it all started.

Michi C
Because there was a man in Florida a long time ago who was engaged to a 16 year old. He was older. She left him on the wedding day for another man and he started building stuff out of stone. Furniture and stuff. He kept building stuff hoping to impress her and it became known as Coral Castle. He called her is "Sweet 16". He kept building until the day he died.

Becuase you turn 16 and its has to be sweet.

Natascia D
that the time when you have fun, the time of your life, when your really a teenager and your making your own choices

i really dont know
but i think every birthday should be celebrated like that
why is it only one
im mean you only turn whatever age once

A sweet sixteen party is a type of birthday party in the United States, usually celebrated for a girl on her sixteenth birthday. Sweet Sixteen parties were traditionally given as a celebration of the girl's virginity, although this aspect of the party is losing its significance. In contemporary culture, Sweet Sixteen parties are primarily a celebration of the sixteen-year-old obtaining a driver's license, as 16 is the driving age in many states.

{{More Info On the Link Below}}

Because you're turning sixteen years old.

i donno good question? maybe cause u can start to drive?

Ryan J
Because its when spoiled girls get expensive cars bought for them by their "Daddys."

I always thought it was because it was the age that most girls are allowed to date, get a drivers lic. and almost out of school, go to prom, etc... a lot more adult like doors & excitement was opening up. But I could be wrong.

Karissa K
i think it's just an expression... not sure.

maybe because your turning 16 and thats somewhat of a big thing cause you start to get alot of responsibility.... like driving.

Shaiya S
basically its because thats when teens can legally drive by themselves.


cuz its supposed to be totally sweeet and ur turning 16. plus it rymes!

and its better than my 16th b-day

La di da
IDK yay 2 pts!


Lassie D
My guess would be that it's because 50 years ago, it meant you were on the sweet cusp of girl/woman. (which nowadays, sadly starts around 13 or legally-18)

you know what..i really dont know..
maybe cuz they both ryhme? xD

Lissi P
...because you eat lots of cake.

Silly Rabbit


Bonnie S
Because at one time 16 was the age of innocence and the beginning of a dating. This was the age when a person was no longer considered a child but was not yet an adult.

its a special year because you get your licence :)

because apparently when you turn 16 you officially turn into a young adult & you get your license & job and stuff & you get serious about relationships....

Because turning 16 often coincides with new freedoms (driving, lifeguarding, staying out late), and because it's alliterative.

sweet 16 is referred to the age where girls use to get their first kiss, which is not the case anymore. it was also the general age where teens could start dating, which is also not the case anymore. Also, it is the age for driving where some children get their first car.


In most states, you can get your driver's license at 16, and that's pretty sweet.

However, sweet 16 is actually a bit of a hold over from british traditions.

In the UK, 16 is the age of maturity, not 18 as it is in the U.S. So in essence, a sweet 16 party was originally to celebrate a girl's entrance into womanhood.

You only turn 16 once in your life! This is in many cultures when a woman reaches maturity...So it's called sweet 16..I'm sure there are so many other reasons..but regardless if you are turning 16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

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