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Get Well Travis and Adam!!!
Why is it bad to pull off moles?


Hall baller® d:^)
moles are actually benin tumors, mini ones, there has been evidence that links pulling off a mole to cancer.

this kid was playing basketball, fell, and a mole on his leg ripped off. Then, a few monthes later, he got cancer.

its your beauty mark


ugggggggggggggg thats gross ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Ew. Yes

` Natsz;
you can bleed to death

what are you thinking......gosh...go to a doctor and ask questions...maybe theres something like surgery you can do....
why pull it off....i have a mole on my face you dont see me pullung it off

i guess because firstly, it is self mutilation

â—¢ Emo â—£
bcz it would hurt like hell, my moms friend bled for 3 hourse from her mole on her nose, she took a pairs of cisers, and screamed for 2 minutes!!! 1 misisipi, 2 misisipi, 3 misisipi

christina w
cause its a part of u dont pull them off thats silly

but i'm a cheerleader now
i did it before and it came back so there just pain for nothing if you do it

Because it HURTS!!

Sherri S
I don't know how you can pull off a mole. I cut mine off made sure to clean it out. And 17 yrs later I'm still alive so as long as it doesn't get infected it should be fine. Make sure you put some alcohol on the tool you use and the mole before and after and cover it w/ a bandage. I guess if its cancerous than that could be a reason why not to cut, it could spread.
Some of these answers are really dumb! Moles do not grow back its just like an arm or leg if you cut it off it isn't growing back!! And the small scar looks better than some nasty mole. I recommend a small pair of new, not used nail clippers dip them in alcohol and clip it off just like a finger nail. Sure it'll bleed for a while but unless you have a thin blood condition or take alot of asprin your not going to bleed to death! My god this is hardly different then piercing your ears or belly!

You can pull your moles off? That's amazing! Mine don't peel off. Are yours like stickers??

(Sarcasm Juice rocks!)

Because its bad and it hurts and you will get infected.If u want them off then get them removed at the docros

sam b
Because they might be a sign of cancer.

M'botu Kita -J.
Austin Powers said so

bork bork
What dem moles eva do 2 u?

its not bad depending how big the mole is. its just pointless because it will come back

it hurts!
&& it leaves scares.

because it does bad damage to your skin and you can bleed for a long time. It leaves an icky looking scar =(

Because they come back bigger and uglier

live love be HYPER
thats sick.

David K
It can get infected. Try freezing it.

Wow. The answers on here are ridiculous.

The REAL reason not to pull of moles or even pull hairs out of them is because you'll promote growth inside the mole. If the mole is precancerous, or has *any* potential to be cancerous, you're only helping it along by making cells grow. Plus it'll probably hurt more than you could ever believe.

If you have a mole that's really bothering you, make an appointment with a dermatologist. They can remove them *safely* and check for skin cancer at the same time.

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