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andy v
Why does my nose bleed when I wake up?
Occasionally I will wake up in the morning and my nose immediately starts to bleed. Why doesn't it bleed while I am asleep and what is causing it to bleed in the first place?

Buff Babii
you are having a period through your nose

Only a doctor can really answer this, and this is Yahoo Answers, not Yahoo Doctors.

cuz ur fat

If you are a nose breather during the night, what is happening is the lining tissues in your nose are getting dried out and then you sit up and the blood rushes to your nose and this can burst capillaries. Try using a moisturizing nose spray before going to bed.This should help alto!

Brittni B
okay this may sound REALY weird but my cousin did the same ting its prob cuz u pick ur nose rally hard in your sleep if u dont believe me ask ur doctor!

maybe the air in your room is too dry and when you breathe through your nose at night it's drying and cracking causing it to bleed. you wouldn't notice until you wake up because when you lay down it would most likely drain down your throat where as when you get up, it would flow down! try a humidifier or put a bowl of water in front of your heat vent and see if that helps. best wishes

♥♥ ~* Just Janz *~♥♥ ║│▌│║▌║™
Most nosebleeds don't have an easily identifiable cause. It may be caused by trauma or irritation, or may indicate an underlying problem. It's best to have a word with your doctor. If it's minor you may need no treatment at all, but if the source is a blood vessel the doctor can remove it. Sounds a lot worse than it is though, probably nothing to worry about.

The nose is a part of the body that is very rich in blood vessels (vascular) and is situated in a vulnerable position on the face. Any trauma to the face can cause bleeding from the nose. This is common in dry climates, or during the winter months when the air is dry and warm from household heaters.

For unknown reasons, nosebleeds most commonly occur in the morning hours.

Hesuse J
dry nose + weather.

Jestina B
you should get a cat scan you may have a brain tumor that happend to my dad but he had it removed. go to your doctor

if you put too many sheets or blankets, you'll heat up. Also you should drink more water to hydrate yourself.

Pam H
Dry air in the bedroom. Drink more water and get a humidifier for your bedroom. I don't know why it starts to bleed when you get up and not before - but that is how it works for most people.

It could be that your house is very dry and that your nasal passages are excessively dry. Prior to going to bed, spray a saline nasal spray in your nose and see if that helps. You could also put a humidifier in your bedroom to help humidify the air. If it continues, you should see a doctor.

It's probably dry in there. It bleeds when you wake up because you move when you first get up (it gets agitated.) It is probably bleeding even before you wake up actually..

I would put some vaseline (just a little) in your nose before bed each night to help moisturize it! Sounds weird but I bet it would help!

julie f
the air in your house is to dry causing blood vessels to dry and crack if you have a heat vent in your bed room put a pan of water on it it will evaporate and keep your room moist enough for your sensitive nose

It might be the heater drying out your sinuses if you live in a cold climate. Try buying a humidifier.

Robert C
room is too dry at night
get a humidifier

well when ur asleep you are laying down. you are on an angle making it so u cant bleed. sometimes when ur nose bleeds its cause u either have a sensitive nose, or u could have problems with the liver. i am no expert i am only 13, but i watch alot of tv, and one of my favourite shoes is house and one episode had a victim with the same problem

Erin S
you have a lot of pressure going on in your head when you lay down. especially for a long time. i would suggest you prop a pillow up or sleep in a recliner.
i hope your nose stops bleeding cause that truly blows.

that would be the sort of thing to ask a doctor ;)

Nosebleed Causes

Trauma to the nose (nose picking, foreign bodies, forceful nose blowing).
The most common cause of a nose bleed is drying of the nasal membranes.
Tumors, particularly malignant tumor of the nose or sinuses.
The incidence of nosebleeds is higher during the colder winter months when upper respiratory infections are more frequent, and the temperature and humidity fluctuate more dramatically.
Use of "blood thinning medications" called anti coagulants.
Recurrent nosebleeds may be a symptom of an underlying disorder such as high blood pressure.
Inflammation of the nose or sinuses and cold may cause a nose bleed.
Deviated septum (when the partition between your nose is crooked), foreign objects in the nose, or other nasal obstruction may also cause nosebleeds.
Bleeding from one or both nostrils.
Frequent swallowing.
Sensation of fluid flow in the back of the nose and throat.

curious. might be that you have VERY high blood pressure.
you really should talk to a doc about that.

could be that the air in your home or room is too dry, try a humidifyer see if it works

your ceiling is low and you keep banging it?

Umm your sick go to the doctor

iron deficiency... without enough iron you don't hold your blood

thats a little strange, and its happened to me many times.

my nose would sometimes bleed every day out of the week, at LEAST once a day, and not only while waking up.

i don't really know what it is though. I've gone to the doctor for it once, and all he did was prescribe me iron pills.

How old r u? If you are 10- 15 ur body is changing, growing up and all that stuff and that is probably the reason u r bleedin (thats what my mom told me), but if you are 20+ u should really see a doctor

The Bold Tortoise
maybe your room is very dry. try using a humidifier.

It probably starts when you sit up. While you are lying down,especially if you sleep on yor back,it won,t bleed. It may be because the air in your room is very dry. If you live in a cold climate and have central heating it can cause dry and sometimes bloody noses. If this is the case get a humidifier.

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