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Why does my daddy fart so much?
Well I asked my dad if he had any unanswered question just for the heck of it and he said this so if you would like to answer this weird question please do-for my dad's sake.lol.

Well, he's probably just gaseous. I am too, don't worry!!

gas problem or what he eats my husband does tht all the time and it is sick lol but i think it might have to do with what he is eating or maybe gas a rite es there is meds to help that

because he has gastritis caused from eating gassy foods and drinking gassy drinks

lol.... maybe cos he likes to eat beans

bill d
thats what old people do,

Does he eat too many beans?

well maybe he is pasing down his dads trait

"Because when you get old your bodies guts settle and pusheds the excess gass out more then a usual person LOL theirfore old people fart to much" This was an actual answer that a student in med school gave to his professor when I was their and It made the entire class and the Professor laugh for about 20 mins.... So i figured I would share LOL

Its a guy thing...Ive never met a man who didnt fart alot!
Tell him to lay off the beans!!!

mine too! hes such a freak.

dUh iiTs PiiNk~*~*
tell him to take Beano take beno b4 and there be no gas :) haha tell him to stop eating gasy foods haha ur dad must b weird :/ so is my dad so dont wrry

OMG mine too! He said that he just eats stuff with a lot of fiber in it.

The answer is actually very simple. He is not digesting his food.

Undigested food ferments in the stomach and intestines, creating methane gas as it rots. This is also causing the fat to become stored fat around his stomach. He is also probably getting acid indigestion from time to time.

He can fix this problem very easily.

As we age, we produce less and less stomach acid. By the time we are 70 or so, we are producing less than 5% of the acid we produced at 30. This causes our food to not be digested, bad bacteria to not be killed, and our bodies to become mineral and vitamin deficient creating degenerative diseases.

Antacids exacerbate the problem, causing huge problems for digestion. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are digested in the jejunum just below the stomach pyloric sphincter, but ONLY if the stomach is Acidic. If you are not producing enough stomach acid, you will not digest those minerals and develop things like osteoporosis, bad blood calcium issues, etc.

Additionally, the cells of our body contain about 9 million methyl groups and we lose these methyl groups through cell metabolism and if they are not replaced, we age prematurely.

The solution is very simple. Take Betaine HCL + activator and digestive enzyme after each meal. This solves any acid indigestion problems because the food never gets a chance to ferment or rot so it won't produce the LACTIC acid that causes the acid indigestion and the food won't rot preventing any methane gas.

Additionally, his food will actually be digested and watch the spare tire shrink over a few weeks and months.

He should order the following from: www.healthline.cc (not .com)

Betaine HCL - take 2 to 4 after each meal
Activator - take 1 to 2 after each meal
Digestive enzyme - take 1 to 2 after each meal.

If he does the above, the gas attacks will stop, he will add about 30 - 35 years to his life expectancy, have more energy, and lose a lot of that spare tire.

Also, he should be taking a quality probiotic to replace the intestinal flora he doesn't have after years of abuse. Go to: www.natren.com/ buy their 3 in 1 probiotic. They will ship it to you in ice and guarantee their potency. Don't bother with other probiotics, they are just not very good.

good luck to you

donald m. c.
why is he so gassy when he doesnt drink gas ??

He probably eats a lot of bad foods that his body can't properly break down. His digestive tract is lacking bacteria to break down things.

If you dad is gassy, I guess it could be his diet, or maybe it's gender related. Many men seem to be gassy, it could be as simple as that.

He's a guy, what can I say?

Have him watch Larry the Cable Guy to get more insights into guy-ness, also read Dave Barry who seems to have a handle on the issue as well.

On a personal note, keep matches everywhere as a form of defense, In the aftermath, light a match and then shake it out, letting the smoke neutralize the odor.

Tell your dad he's a champ for sharing!

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