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Why does my back always start hurting while im washing dishes?
it never fails. ive never had any back problems before and for years my back start hurting while im washing the dishes. do you know why this happens?

Linda D
Things, including our bodies, change over time. Things which bothered us before bother us now. Perhaps it's the way you are standing, your shoes, length of time or you may need a throw rug to stand on.

Bending over a kitchen sink is an unnatural position that puts strain on your back. I have the same problem. The only fix I can think of is to put the sink up higher so I don't have to stoop to do the dishes, and the chances of that happening are zero, so...Maybe you could try sitting on a chair or a stool that puts the sink at a better height so you don't have to bend over...

Maybe you're not used to being on your feet for long stretches of time. You could try to wash the dishes in shifts. I try to do the dishes as soon as I'm done with them instead of letting them pile up. You could try to get a stool to sit on instead having to stand up and be kind of bent over for a long amount of time.

its probably the way you are standing. try not to slouch over the sink

your sink might be a little too low for you?

The back muscles have to work a bit harder when you are leaning forward to attend to the dishes in the sink. One way to alleviate this problem is the lean against the sink with your hips. The other is to pay attention to how far you are leaning and attempt to maintain a more upright position.

Because you are standing bent over the sick for too long, my back dose the same thing.

Just me
I agree. It's just that you are probably leaning over at an angel while washing your dishes. Mention it to your Dr next time you see him. Maybe it's something else that you've done also and don't realize it.

yeah its the way you are standing

get a rubber grip rug to stand on, it helps keep your balance over your feet rather than your back

I know I get the same thing becuase I have tile floor which is very hard on your feet and back. If you have a hard floor put a cushiony rug where you stand. Also, is your sink at an awkward level to your body?
Good luck

Try widening your stance (gets your torso lower so that you are not hunching). I am about 6'4" tall, and if I don't do this, 20 minutes of washing dishes will kill my back. Also, your posture may be bad in general. I had this problem and ended up going to physical therapy for it.

sink is the wrong height for you...do some crunches to strengthen your stomach or get a new counter

Your back hurts because it is not in proper alignment when you are leaned over a sink that is usually to stand at without being stooped over. You can try using a small step stool under one foor while you do dishes and alternating feet about halfway through. Sometimes that helps relieve the pressure from your back and place it more firmly on your lower body. Something about weight distribution I think.

ur sink is 2 low...get the unit raised 6" or so

Sarge gave you a good answer however there are ways of helping this one is to stand on one foot with your other foot resting on the inside of your knee. I know it sounds ridiculous but it helps give it a try what have you got to loose.

I have the same problem. I wonder if my sink is too low and it causes some kind of strain. It always starts around my shoulder blades and then moves lower in my back. It could also be I really hate to wash dishes. lol!

if you are standing on a hard floor surface, try to find something soft to stand on like a rug or foam...and dont slouch


Mine does the same thing. My husband used to laugh at me, he thought I was just trying to get out of doing dishes. Anyway, I think the other person is right about the slouching part, also I started wearing my shoes (walking/running shoes, with arch support) when I started making dinner and all the way through to doing dishes and I feel tremendously better.

Hope this helps!

It's because you try to bend over in the sink to make sure the water doesn't get everywhere. If there are a lot of dishes, take a break after 10 minutes or so. You stand in the same position for too long and that's what makes your back hurt.

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