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soccer mom report nazi
Why does my anus itch realy badly????????
i cant get rid of it and i dont know whats causing it. sometimes i scrath it so hard that it bleeds, and even then its still bad. what gives??

Shattered Moon
YOU shouldn't have let him do That... He needs to be check by the Doctor and you need to go with him...

YOU both have something a Cream won't take care of.

You should have Know something was up when he kept scratching after sleeping with you.


ewwwww mental image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try wiping better

Hemorroids maybe?

try going to webmd on the internet and aking your question there

Haha! Oh god that's funny... hate to be you right now.

Use some gold bond...

I see that your name is "soccer mom." Do you have young kids? Do any of them have the same itching? If so, you have pinworms. They're common among kids, and adults in the same household often catch them, because the eggs are literally everywhere.

You can find out for sure by doing what we call the cellophane tape prep. Get some clear tape, wrap it sticky side out around a popsicle stick, and first thing in the morning, stick it right on your anus (Yes, I'm serious!) If you see some teeny tiny little spots, that's the eggs.

Go see the doctor and get a prescription for an azole medication. That should wipe them out. Then wash all the bedding in hot water and bleach, and disinfect every surface you and the kids touch regularly. Reinfection is really easy with pinworms.

KaPaul L
have you try washing it real good back there. If that fails, try the hemoroids wipes or anal cream. If that doesn't go see the Dr.

Adam N
oi dude maybe you should wipe you should wipe your anus or you probablly have worms

Valley R
its prevented from general cleaning.

If it has been going on for more than a couple days, go see a doc. You can get hemorrhoids that need to be lanced. Try preparation H suppositories...put one in when you go to bed and another when you get going in the morning. If it does not improve, go see a doc.


That definitely sounds like a hemmeroid problem, which is easy to fix. First try OTC products like Balmex, and if that doesn't work, speak to your doctor about prescription-strength creams. You'll be fine in a bit!

If it itches so much that you are scratching it and drawing blood, and you know you don't have any STDs or hemorroids, the most obvious answer to me (from my experience in working in the ER) is that you could have diabetes.

I don't mean to upset you. Has your vision gotten worse lately? Feel tired or fatigued? Maybe even feeling dizzy a lot? Do you stay thirsty more than usual?

If you have ANY of these other symptoms, make a doctor's appointment soon for a check up. Be sure to tell the doctor ab the anal itching.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is best to be safe than sorry. Especially if the itching is persistent and has been for several days.

Mmmk. That is just disturbing. Helpful hint..ask a doctor before you post it on Answers. Freak.

you might have hemoroids

but make sure you wipe correctly 1st

hemmoroids, get some prepration H

Bored Enough To Be Here
hemorrhoids. go to the drug store, ask the pharmacist to help you pick over the counter stuff like prep H.

Hemorrhoids. Get some Preparation H dude.

pinworms dear. take albendazole 400 mg tablet single dose in the evening and of course clean your butt with warm soapy water and keep it dry all the time.

It could be a number of things, pin worms (from children), food allergies, a sort of burn from hot or spicy foods, and the best way to treat it is to go to a health food store and get a product called "para rid", or "para-key" (kills all kinds of parasites), eat garlic for seven days make sure it is fresh, use it on garlic bread, lots... then stop eating anything with heat in it like mexican food and if it is a bacteria, use Neo sporine with pain reliever triple antibiotic ointment (not the creme), if after seven days you still have burning or itching, go to a Family Dr. Do not put prep H on yourself unless you know for a fact it is a hemorrhoid, also, do not put any of the other things suggested balmex?

You may want to try a natural product called Cascara Sagrada, it makes everything ph balanced and easy to move through your system. The itching (a symptom of healing, infection or irritation) could be caused from being constipated, the healing of the damage Good Luck. Better safe then sorry...

you probably have hemorroids or an infection. Stop scratching it and go to the doctor.

go to a naturopath

Hot Lanta!
maybe you should wipe a little better but idk

Causes of Pruritus Ani (Anal Itch)


Dermatologic disorders
Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis

Topical irritants
Local anesthetics, soaps, ointments

Ingested irritants
Spices, citrus, caffeinated beverages

Fungal infection

Bacterial infection
Secondary infection caused by scratching

Pinworms, scabies

Local disease
Bowen's disease, extramammary Paget's disease, cryptitis, draining fistulas

Systemic disease
Diabetes mellitus, liver disease

Hygiene- related
Poor cleansing, tight undergarments

The excerpt above is from the source below:

Whenever it happens, I use a Preparation H Cooling Gel on a small cotton pad to treat the problem. It may be prudent to bring it to your doctor's attention and have some diagnostic tests (such as a stool specimen) made to determine if it is pinworms or other intestinal parasite.

karen v
could be worms, or you might have a bad infection. My advice is to see youre doctor.

Quantum Aurelius
You probably have hemoroids. That causes external anal tissue to swell, which in turn causes your anus to "store" both sweat and a little bit of feces. That rather quickly creates a bit of an itch. The best way to address this is to go to the bathroom abotu fifteen mintutes after your most recent poop and wipe again - using a witch hazel wiping pad. This allows your hemorroidal tissue to reduce in size and helps keep your annus clean. Good luck. Fine butt care is often an overlooked part of American society.

see the doc. you might have a disease

You need to see a doctor.
Could be hemmorhoids, could be pin worms. Could be probably a lot of other things. Get to the doctor asap.

its called Hemmorhoids...

Try the TP with lotion. If not then have anal surgery

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