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 Is it really that bad to use Q-tips in your ears?
What if you do it gently and carefully? Is that still bad? Because it feels good to clean the gunk out of them every now and then!
Additional Details
If you're not supposed to use ...

 My girlfriend snores like a steam train, what can i do about this?
Are there any natural remedies for this without using drugs..... Please help!!!!...

 Is it wrong to smoke when you have anxiety?

 Why am I constantly dizzy?
Right, so for the past month or so I've been getting really dizzy whenever I stand or move quickly from on position to the other. At first I thought it was dehydration and started drinking lots ...

 What kinds of people smoke weed?
Do "normal" kids smoke pot? <-- I realize "normal" is a relative term

As i'm somewhat ignorant to marijuana i don't know exactly who smokes it (...

 What should i keep in my trunk
i have no ...

 When ur in the bathtub and you fart, do u try to bite ur fart bubbles? imlao?

 Does anyone have any good tickly cough remedies?
I've gota really bad tickly cough at the mo after a bad bout of Flu and a throat infection, and it is driving me INSANE!!!! I'm also really scared because a few years ago I had a tickly ...

 I feel nauseous, what should I do?

 Is it true that when you have a soar throat you should eat cold stuff like ice-cream and stuff?
does anyone know if that's true??
thnx :)...

 How can I relax?
Stupid Question, I know, but hear me out.

My mind goes in a hundred directions at once. Always has been like that. I have a hard time relaxing, and I'm not sure if I have ever done ...

 Mouth Ulcers??
I have a viral infection and have been feeling ill for the past week with a sore throat, flu symptoms etc but now I have small mouth ulcers and a sore tongue. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of ...

 How can i tame my mouth ulcer?
I have one mother of a mouth ulcer on my lip...have had it for 2 weeks now and it just wont stop growing! I look like i have a fat lip because of the size of it! Have tried Anbesol, and yesturday i ...

 I have really big muscley calves. Is there anything to "thin" them down or is that me naturally?
My ankles and feet are small but my calves are big - not fat big but muscle big. And I'm a girl. Is there anyway to tone them down or this just happens to be what my legs are like?

 Should you drink and drive?

 Why, have I lost my appetite and am unable to sleep at night?
WHat's wrong with me?...

 I have a drug test today, HELP!!!!!!?
I am an everyday pot smoker and need to pass a urine test. Has anyone tried any of the products that they have on the market and have had successful results? Does anyone have any tried and proven ...

 Where can I go to donate my body to science when I die?
Will they pay you now if you sign a legal document stating you will donate your body when you die?...

 What is wrong with my body?
some time i get nasaea in the moring i get hot in the winner time i have adoinmi pain sometimes and sometimes i get pain on over by side of my back i 19years old so it cant be madpuse and i had ...

 Worried about my son he is 15 and he has changed so much?
i am sceared that my son is taking drugs he is only 15 we used to be so so close now he are fighting all the time i love him but he is hurting me or even killing me when i look at him and think the ...

Why does it hurt?
I was wondering why the inside of my ***** hurts everytime my boyfriend does doggy like everytime he puts it in all the way slowly it reaches the back of it and it hurts?Could that mean there's something inside of me(baby)?


go to the doctor's and tell your boyfriend that next time to take it easy when doing doogystyle alot guys get excited when in that position and can get carried away

probably nothing wrong....but get it checked if it really bothers you....

Learn to respect yourself.

If it's your cervix he is hitting..that tends to be a sensitive area for a lot of women..it will even bleed real easily too. Try different positions, some don't allow men to get that deep.

With doggy style the chance is always there that it gets too deep. It has little to do with the actual size of your man, but it adds. Lucky for you there are many variations on doggy style that are likely less hurtful for the receiving side. I'm not going to give you a full essay, but just follow the links below and see what does it and what does not for you.

Well, I know for me it hurts sometime because for some reason when we are in that position I get a lot of air that comes inside.

not a baby because thats not in that "area." get it checked out though.

oh please

Geeze..... are people really this stupid?

you need more lube

Sounds like he's too big for you, ask him to take it easy.

potatoe man
i know whats inside of you. ur boy friend. duh

If you dont know this much you should stop while your ahead

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