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Why do your legs get jumpy at night and stop you sleeping?
You know when you cant keep your leg still when your sitting or lying down


It is called 'restless leg syndrome'. I have it, and I have found that running on the spot for a few minutes helps. I think it is our legs wanting to keep walking. when they should be resting

Michael T
I know they have a condition called "Restless Leg Syndrome" RLS for short, but I think you are in a lot of pain when that happens. Actually I guess from reading up on it, that sometimes you don't have pain but you have an undesirable urge to move your legs, that is Restless Leg Syndrome, its really commonly diagonosed though so check in with a doctor.

There's a name for it when it gets really bad but it's escaping me right now. Something like Twitchy Legs or something.

It's just your body burning off some excess engery. Your making the rest of your body relax but it's got a little bit of energy it needs to release.

I've found that taking a walk before bed helps. Even if it's just wandering around the house for a few minutes.

Restless leg syndrome.

Jennifer O
Possible RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) ~ or possible poor circulation or being on your feet too much... Go see a doctor for a diagnoses so they can offer medication if necessary.

john c
It depends, if you are running alot, not drinking enough fluids...that could do it. You might possibly have an ailment called "restless leg syndrome"....see your doc if it continues, good luck.

It MAY BE Restless Leg Syndrome. Check with a Neurologist about this. I recommend going this way as opposed to seeing your family doctor first, unless referral is required for insurance reasons. The Neurologist / Pain Management doctor is more advanced in knowledge.

Ask your Dr about Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I have had it, so has my mother. It is so annoying. There is a relatively new drug on the market for it.

bernie c
I get that and I get in sometimes in my arms I have read the other answers and checked out the links it does sound like restless leg syndrome.

It's called Restless Leg Syndrom (RLS) and is a neurological disorder. See your doctor for treatment because it can get real bad. My dad has RLS and sometimes he can get up for a while and it will go away or sometimes he is up all night.

Your managers favorite manager!
Sounds like restless leg syndrone, but before you try any meds try stretching and tensing up your legs and letting go and see if that helps.

Based on your description, my friend. It sounds like you are talking about . RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome).

It is recognised as a medical condition and is shared by 1 out of every 10 Americans.

There is a medication for it called REQUIP. You can find out more about it by visiting the following website:

Hope my info was helpful.

Many commercials will call it 'Restless Leg Syndrome'. I thought there was a problem with myself and this issure, so I talked to one of my mum's friends who was a doctor. She informed me that the medicine was really another marketing ploy. She suggested that you stand up, walk around, tense your muscles, and stretch. This should get rid of it. She said that there was no point of getting the medication.

It sounds like you probably have Restless Leg Syndrome. It sounds like from what you are saying that your legs move more in the evening and at night so I would go to your doctor and get it checked out it sounds exactly like Restless Leg Syndrome. I have it and they have prescribed me medication in which you can take which makes things tons better.

Muscle spasm.

It's called "Restless legs". I get rid of it by tensing all my leg muscles as hard as possible for a while and then letting go.

skippy's mum
The medical term for this is 'resless legs'
Make an appointment with your Dr...there are tablets available that can be prescribed that will help.

Bob Lee Swagger
yes it is restless leg syndrome... some sports people even get it.. try putting a pillow under your leg when you go to sleep

Restless Leg Syndrome

im pretty sure its called restless leg syndrome, i think it is caused by either stress or worry. talk to your docter about it, he should have some medicine to give for it. hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!

Its called Restless Leg Syndrome. There is now a medications that helps. Look it up and ask your doctor.

3rd LIFE
It's called RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome. Go see a doctor, it can be fixed with meds.

Good Luck

Its called Restless Legs and can be painful. I have it at the moment an am seeing my doc for blood tests. It can be a sign of low iron levels and some other conditions. See your Doc just to be sure. Good Luck!

It could be restless legs syndrome or periodic leg movement syndrome. It's a neurological disorder that is fairly common; about 5-10 % of the population has it.

In most people it doesnt' effect their sleep, but if your sleeping 7-8 hours a night and still feel tired in the day, see a sleep specialist.

It's usually treated well with low dose muscle relaxants or other meds.

You have "Restless Leg Syndrome"

Stupid name, but a real problem

Talk to your doctor - there are treatments now!

apparently it is restless leg syndrome, there is medication out there for it, go see your doctor.

I get this when I'm over tired or when I'm trying to sleep on a plane it's really really annoying. guess I should take my own advice

Called "restless leg syndrome" Now go to the doctor and get some medicine for it.

Youll See
its called restless leg syndrome, see a doctor

it's called restless leg syndrome.
make an appointment with ur GP/Doc/MD.
they can help.

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