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Why do women sleep with a pillow between their legs.?

LOL....just because it's comfortable

Funky Munky¬īs back
They prefer a pillow between their legs than a man.LOL

It eases pressure on your back when your pregnant, i know that much!! Never slept that way otherwise.

Thats Hot!
i do it for comfort! ive been doing it since i was like 5 years old. i used to put my leg on my mom! :) thats the life!!!!!!!

i personally do not do that but i do kno women who do and sometimes while menstrurating it helps reduce the pressure

its a common sleeping position for pregnant women.....

i dont! i do fold both my pillows in half tho, and then tuck another one under my arm.
When my fella is at home on a weekend night its a nightmare! I just cant get comfy!

Blue Moo
Er... only some do... not I. My mum used to. I didn't feel that it was my place to ask why.

desi girl786
just seems comfortable and .....and then you get a good nights sleep

its comfortable no?

Are you letting the Fluff Down.

i don't only when i was pregnant!!!

Katie Girl
Huh?? Sorry I don't do that.

What makes you think that women sleep with pillows between their legs?

Do they? I don't and I don't know anyone who does.

Fader's Girl
i dont do that but i do wrap a quilt around one leg, i dont like my skin touching another part of my skin when im trying to sleep, it irritates me for some reason.

FOR the Same Reason = Men DO!

Thanks, RR

angel kiss
no sorry not me x

i dont

Lol... I don't do that ;P

You should to everybody should if they sleep one there sides its keeps your spine in line. Women have knees that dont need to rub together.

ummmmm....... i dont

they sleep with pillows due to artritis of the hips keeps the pain away

well well well. in fact it is more comfortable to have a pillow or the covers between your knees legs or thighs as like other people have said it keeps the spin inalinement.
Take this as an example. If you are laying on your side without surport and don't have a good matress on your bed you will end up with a twisted spin e.g back ache and sore hips because it is not just your back it is your ankles, knees, hips, the small of your back and shoulder blades and even your neck that can get damged. so to provent from happening some or most women have a pillow or the covers between there knees/thighs to stop this from happening.

Mine cuddles the pillow when i am not there and VISA VERSA

Love Answers
I don't think that most women do.
The truth is that Men AND Women do.
And the only reason I know of for a person to sleep with a pillow between their legs is if they're having back problems.
Putting a pillow between your knees while you sleep can reduce pressure in your back and allow you to sleep better.

That's most likely the cause of what you're seeing.

Good Luck.

Miss T
it is comfortable. but if i don't use the pillow, i throw a leg over him, he hates it but it is just so damn comfortable.

Puddlemere United Fan
it keeps your back aligned properly.

i don't want to read any answers like...
"because they like having something in between their legs" either!

I love these answers!

I sleep on my side. Ocassionally, I will get a "crick" in my back. My MD told me to sleep with a pillow between my legs to balance out the weight of my leg, hip and back.

It works!

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